Case study

Bloom Nutrition drives omnichannel impact with the Amazon Ads Advertiser Accelerator Program


Bloom Nutrition, founded by husband and wife, Greg and Mari, is a greens powder and supplements brand inspired by Mari’s own personal journey of weight-loss and fitness. Prior to selling on Amazon, Bloom reached their customers and sold their products through Facebook ads, Instagram and selling through Shopify.

“We were a bootstrapped company, a small team,” said Greg LaVecchia, CEO and co-founder of Bloom Nutrition. He knew they needed additional resources to develop their brand’s presence in the Amazon store since they only started selling on Amazon two years ago and only advertising through Sponsored Products.

He found what they were looking for in the Advertiser Accelerator Program from Amazon Ads.

Greg and Mari
Greg and Mari

Greg and Mari founders of Bloom Nutrition

Launching a full-funnel strategy to increase brand awareness

The Advertiser Accelerator Program is a 90-day managed-service program that helps brands launch a full-funnel strategy across all Sponsored Ads. Bloom’s Amazon Account Executive, Kiara Vahdani worked alongside AST Partner, Amit Dutta, in order to set up a full-funnel strategy across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display to not only help educate the client on Amazon’s ad types and internal best practices, but to also reach Bloom’s customers throughout each stage of the funnel (awareness, consideration, purchase and loyalty).

“We’re a company that likes to make a lot of noise through high-impact placements and social media channels such as TikTok,” said LaVecchia. Bloom Nutrition joined the Advertiser Accelerator Program to get help “curat[ing] our whole paid presence across Amazon” in order to bring the brand to the attention of even more Amazon shoppers.

Implementing a strategy across sponsored ads

Bloom Nutrition worked with Vahdani and the Advertiser Accelerator Program to optimize their sponsored ads campaigns with the goal of driving brand awareness and increasing new-to-brand customers. They focused on their hero product, their best-selling Green & Superfoods powder made from antioxidants and probiotics in ad campaigns using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands (and specifically Sponsored Brands video), and Sponsored Display.

During the three-month program, Bloom Nutrition implemented a full-funnel strategy that tracked key performance indicators (KPIs) by funnel stage. For example, they tracked impressions for brand awareness KPIs, as well as sales and return on ad spend (ROAS) for conversion.

The Advertiser Accelerator Program helped drive advertising results for Bloom Nutrition. During the program, they observed a 285% lift in ad-attributed impressions and 89% lift in ad-attributed sales. Their orders were 80% new-to-brand customers, and they ended with a ROAS of 250%.1

LaVecchia praised Vahdani, “She has been able to just help us take our very small team and turn it into a very mighty team.” Of the Advertiser Accelerator Program, LaVecchia called it “a huge success”.

1 Customer-provided data, US, 2022.