Kitchen utensil brand embraces full-funnel approach for global growth

Optimizing brand content

For over 25 years, kitchen utensil brand Mastrad has been focused on placing “l’art de l’utile” (the art of utility) within the reach of every kind of chef. Based in France, the company specializes in the design and distribution of creative and innovative kitchen utensils. Mastrad offers products for nearly every conceivable kitchen-based task, offering tools like gloves, pastry moulds and smart wireless probe.

The brand began selling on Amazon in 2009, recognizing the potential to reach new shoppers. In 2017, after many years of offering their catalogue on Amazon, the brand continued to look for new ways to help maximize the sales potential of their products. While at a kitchen product exhibition, brand representatives were introduced to Bizon Solutions, an agency that specializes in helping brands optimize their Amazon presence while providing Amazon Ads strategy, campaign management and optimization.

The partnership began with Bizon providing assistance with optimizing Mastrad’s brand content for and also developing their advertising strategy. In 2019, the relationship progressed as Bizon started providing strategy, account, and advertising services for the brand across the countries where Mastrad sells products on Amazon.

Building out a global strategy for Mastrad

As Bizon began providing a global marketing strategy for Mastrad on Amazon, the brand tasked their partner with a variety of Amazon Ads goals to help drive growth for its business.

  • Deliver improved return on ad spend (ROAS) on existing always-on campaigns
  • Drive increased brand awareness and consideration of the wide range of products offered by the brand
  • Create incremental sales opportunities through new campaign strategies and tactics

Using different ad products to achieve different goals

Bizon had analyzed the account as a whole to get a full picture of both Mastrad’s retail and advertising presence. After identifying products representing the greatest opportunity, they were able to build a strategy that used a variety of Amazon Ads products, each serving a specific function in helping to deliver against Mastrad’s various brand objectives.

Sponsored Products

The brand’s Sponsored Products campaigns were a large part of the existing advertising strategy and helped in generating sales attributed to advertising. Bizon worked to consistently monitor and optimize campaigns to maximize ROAS.

Within these Sponsored Products campaigns, they deployed various strategies for different products. The “M Classic” campaigns, which featured the brand’s best-selling cooking probe, were closely monitored to identity the least profitable, and shift investment to higher performers within manual targeting campaigns. For campaigns featuring “Meat it”, the brand’s new product, they used automatic targeting campaigns to identify high-performing terms that were then used in manual targeting campaigns with a goal of driving impressions and increasing visibility.

Sponsored Brands

Bizon began testing a strategy where Sponsored Brands campaigns extended into new categories that Mastrad previously may have not considered a natural fit. Sponsored Brands was a new component to the brand’s strategy, as Bizon recognized an opportunity to increase visibility for a range of the brand’s products with shoppers in the Kitchen & Dining category.

Sponsored Brands also helped drive traffic to the new Mastrad’s Store, where shoppers could browse the full product catalogue an engaging environment. Bizon also deployed Sponsored Brands campaigns to focus on key seasonality, adapting custom copy to seasonal Store pages.

Sponsored Display

Bizon used Sponsored Display in Mastrad’s strategy as a complement to the brand’s Sponsored Products campaigns. Bizon used the brand’s best sellers from Sponsored Products campaigns to feature within Sponsored Display campaigns with Interests targeting. These campaigns can help reach new audiences whose shopping activities signal they might be interested in Mastrad’s products.

Growing globally with the full-funnel approach

Bizon’s full-funnel Amazon Ads strategy helped deliver results for Mastrad in 2019, and demonstrated how leveraging a variety of Amazon Ads products in combination can help deliver on a range of brand goals.

The full-funnel strategy helped drive incremental sales growth, as Mastrad’s sales attributed to advertising grew +2X in Q1 2019 year over year.

The brand was also able to drive greater visibility and awareness with its new Amazon Ads strategy, delivering 4.8MM sponsored ads impressions in Q1 2019, +1.5X their totals year over year.

The brand’s investment in trying to introduce a wider range of shoppers to its brand also yielded encouraging results. 85% of Mastrad’s Q1 2019 sales attributed to advertising came from new-to-brand customers.