Case study

Perpetua helped Beekeeper’s Naturals reach new shoppers in a cost-efficient way using AMC Audiences

Beekeeper's Naturals honey and super foods on display

Beekeeper’s Naturals offers natural wellness products, an alternative to traditional supplements, by using ingredients sourced from bees. Founded in Toronto in 2017, the brand believes that today’s most common health problems can be solved with ingredients found in nature.

Using Amazon Ads solutions, including AMC Audiences

Beekeeper’s Naturals first started working with Amazon Ads in 2017, and has been consistently using sponsored ads and Amazon DSP in combination with the help of their agency, Perpetua Labs, to reach audiences and drive brand growth. In addition, Perpetua uses Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to generate insights about their media and channel investments, which the brand used for their advertising strategy.

With the launch of AMC Audiences, Perpetua goes beyond deriving audience insights, and builds custom audiences in AMC that are ready for Amazon DSP activation. Specifically, Perpetua built the following high-intent or high-propensity audiences in AMC for Beekeeper’s Naturals, and applied these audiences at the brand’s lower-funnel and upper-funnel campaigns, with the goal of driving purchases while improving cost efficiency.

quoteUpAMC Audiences is a huge step for Amazon Ads, and it allows us to unlock the power of AMC to directly advance our full-funnel strategy on Amazon DSP. We are excited to leverage this feature to enable us to further scale our investments on Amazon DSP.quoteDown
– Daniel Millar, chief growth officer, Beekeeper’s Naturals

Proven success drives excitement to scale

Over the time of the 30-day campaign where “audiences with certain keyword exploration” was applied, the brand achieved ROAS that’s 33% higher than Beekeeper’s Naturals’ alternative campaigns.1 In addition, upper-funnel campaign where “audience with certain engagement patterns” was used helped lead to a 100% new-to-brand purchase rate, indicating the effectiveness of the audience strategy in guiding prospects down the funnel.2

quoteUpIt has been a dream to be able to create audiences via AMC, as there is so much flexibility and possibility. I was thrilled to test this new capability with Beekeeper’s Naturals, and it was definitely a success. I look forward to scaling this to many advertisers as I know how incredible this feature is for strategic users.quoteDown
– Gloria Steiner, business intelligence lead, Perpetua Labs

1–2 Source: Advertiser provided data, United States, 2023.