AsteroidX helps Everlast drive momentum with sponsored ads tactics

Bringing a well-known boxing brand to

Everlast is known worldwide for their iconic boxing products. More recently, the brand has evolved their offerings beyond the ring to feature a wide range of fitness products for commercial and home gyms.

ACI Brands is the Everlast distributor in Canada. Physical retail was an arena they approached comfortably, but ACI Brands was seeking to build out a new sales channel on As such, they needed a partner with Amazon experience to help them get started. They chose to work with AsteroidX, an agency that helps Amazon sellers find success by leveraging people-driven strategies in addition to automation tools.

Driving quality leads

AsteroidX built an Amazon Ads strategy focused on Everlast’s newer line of fitness products. To drive brand awareness for Everlast on, ACI Brands was willing to invest in Amazon Ads. AsteroidX launched a series of sponsored ads campaigns in support of the Everlast’s full catalogue and set about proving the sales potential of an increased Amazon Ads investment. Their tactics included:

Driving learnings and sales with Sponsored Products:
AsteroidX began building Sponsored Products campaigns by grouping products together into catch-all campaigns (such as medicine balls and boxing gloves). They then used performance metrics from these campaigns to identify best-selling products and keywords, and leveraged those insights to build single-ASIN campaigns with top-performing keywords. These single-ASIN campaigns featured dedicated budgets and competitive bidding strategies to help maximize the sales opportunities. They also chose to focus campaigns on brand keywords to help ensure shoppers looking for the Everlast brand were easily able to engage with their relevant products.

Increasing visibility of best sellers with Sponsored Brands:
AsteroidX leveraged reporting from the brand’s Sponsored Products campaigns to inform their Sponsored Brands strategy. They would look at ad-attributed sales for the top five products within Everlast’s catch-all campaigns (such as top five best-selling medicine balls). They then featured different groupings of these products within Sponsored Brands campaigns. Sponsored Brands video also allowed Everlast to showcase key features of best-sellers and slow-movers, and proved an effective means of leveraging existing brand assets to help drive visibility and sales.

Supporting new products and slow-movers with Sponsored Display:
AsteroidX leveraged Sponsored Display to help bring added visibility to products that lacked awareness, specifically recently launched products and products lagging in sales performance. These campaigns weren’t focused on the advertising cost of sales (ACOS); rather, they were intended to drive impressions and top-of-funnel visibility for those products.

Achieving results with scaled Amazon Ads investment

AsteroidX largely credits their ability to successfully execute on this approach to the quality of Everlast’s products.

“Your ads will only do as well as your conversion rate. So first and foremost, focus on providing excellent, potentially life-changing products to Amazon customers. Then use Amazon Ads as a tool to tell shoppers about an already excellent product.”

– Patrick Lum, Co-Founder and CEO, AsteroidX

AsteroidX’s full-funnel approach to leveraging sponsored ads yielded strong results for ACI Brands as Everlast’s performance on has evolved into a meaningful sales driver.

Over the course of 2020, ACI Brands scaled their Amazon Ads investment in support of Everlast significantly, and was able to generate an increase of 1,645%1 in sales attributed to advertising, compared to 2019, while maintaining nearly the same ACOS.

ACI Brands has been excited about the growth they’ve been able to generate on, and shared the following about working with AsteroidX:

“AsteroidX deployed their advertising playbook so that we could focus on what makes us great: building and distributing our brands. AsteroidX met with us often via video call to make sure they were delivering numbers that hit expectations. They launched many campaigns, using all types of ads available. After that, they continued to optimize and dial in performance over time. On the whole, Amazon Ads and AsteroidX have benefited our business.”

– Eric Chamberland, Sports and Fitness Division Vice President, ACI Brands

1 Advertiser-provided data, Canada, 2021