Amazon DSP exceeds advertiser goals for national eyewear company

This advertising customer looked to their agency to expand their customer base. Using Amazon DSP, they beat their CPA goals by 36%.


Advertiser: National eyewear company

Client objective: Looking to increase consideration, the advertiser’s main goal was to get consumers to go to their website and schedule an eye exam or find a store.

Success metric: Cost per acquisition


Using Amazon DSP, the agency was able to:

  • Leverage Amazon’s first-party audience segments – targeting and optimizing to a combination of in-market and lifestyle segments
  • Reach Amazon customers at scale on Amazon-owned and operated properties and on third-party sites, with relevant and actionable ads
  • Optimize targeting to drive campaign performance
36% lower CPA with AAP vs. client goal

Source: Third-party conversion data


Driving efficiencies, Amazon DSP delivered a cost per acquisition (CPA) $25 below client goal.