Announcing the winners of the inaugural UK Amazon Ads Partner Awards

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19 January 2022

This year, we launched a new accolade: the Amazon Ads Partner Awards. Created to celebrate our growing community of agencies and advertisers, the Partner Awards are all about spotlighting the innovative, imaginative and future-forward ways our marketing partners have used Amazon Ads for their clients.

We received many submissions for this year’s four awards categories: Brand Building, Performance Growth, Scaled Technology and Innovation.

We’re thrilled to officially announce the winners of the 2021 Amazon Ads Partner Awards. Their work has inspired us, and we are excited to celebrate the bold work they achieved.

Please join us in congratulating our 2021 UK Partner Awards winners!

Brand Building Award

A brilliant story is one of the foundations upon which brands are built. Our Brand Building Award is a recognition of this fact, and a celebration of partners who expertly utilized Amazon Ads’ full suite of products to tell an engaging brand story that generated awareness, sparked discovery and inspired deeper connections with customers.

Winner: Amerge Ltd.

Awarded to Amerge for delivering a full end-to-end branding strategy for the WaterWipes biodegradable launch campaign, which resulted in rapid brand lift for the baby wipes brand.


Performance Growth Award

Innovation, disruption, growth. These aren’t just buzzwords; these precepts are the foundation of our Performance Growth Award, which goes to the partner who developed an unexpected and inspired strategy or campaign to help accelerate performance growth for their UK client on Amazon.

Winner: Vyper Global

Awarded to Vyper Global for their work with teeth-whitening brand Smile Science Harley Street, which helped the dental cosmetics company grow on and-achieved new sales highs for the brand.


Scaled Technology Award

Our partners think globally, constantly exploring new ways to catalyze worldwide growth for their clients. The scaled technology award celebrates those who integrated with the Amazon Ads API to develop a new technology application that helped their UK clients expand their reach to new regions over the last year.

Winner: Amerge Ltd.

Awarded to Amerge for their holistic technology, which combined the best of Amazon Ads API, the Vendor API and Selling Partner API to drive global growth for their client, Joseph Joseph.


Innovation Award

Our partners don’t just work with what’s available – they imagine all-new solutions to the pressing business problems their clients face. The Innovation Award is all about rewarding those who dared to think differently – these partners created a net-new feature or service that helped to address a client need, drive client value or improve efficiencies for a client’s advertising in the UK.

Winner: Nozzle

Awarded to Nozzle for the launch of their Customer Analytics Tool and the success that their new innovation drove for client, Buddy and Lola.


To learn more about the Amazon Ads Partner Awards program and this year’s winners, visit the Partner Awards home page.

We’re so grateful for the ways our partners are supporting the needs of our advertisers, and we look forward to welcoming many new partners into our Partner Network in 2022. Interested in finding or being a partner? Learn more about Amazon Ads Partner Network.