Announcing the finalists of the inaugural UK Amazon Ads Partner Awards

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14 December 2021

We are thrilled to officially announce the finalists of the inaugural Amazon Ads Partner Awards, honouring agencies and tool providers for the bold work they achieved in the UK over this past year.

Applications for the 2021 Partner Awards kicked off on 1 September 2021. We received many submissions across the four award categories: brand building, performance growth, scaled technology and innovation.

The award submissions brought in some of the most creative and innovative campaigns we’ve seen to date. This slate of such esteemed entries made the job of our Amazon Ads judges a difficult one as they selected the shortlist of finalists.

Thanks to all who entered, and congratulations to all of our finalists for the outstanding campaigns they have delivered for their advertisers in the UK. Our 2021 Amazon Ads Partner Awards winners will be announced in January 2022, on the Amazon Ads blog.

Brand Building Award finalists

This award spotlights the Amazon Ads partner who exemplified expertise in using Amazon Ads products to tell an engaging brand story that drives awareness and discovery for its client’s brand advertising. Finalists have effectively delivered compelling branding strategies across the suite of Amazon Ads brand-building solutions, helping to form meaningful connections with customers.

Performance Growth Award finalists

This award celebrates an Amazon Ads partner who established an innovative strategy or campaign that demonstrated its expertise in accelerating performance growth on Amazon for its client. Finalists excelled in leveraging Amazon Ads products to engage customers along their path to purchase, contributing to a client’s increase in sales and business growth beyond historical trends.

Scaled Technology Award finalists

This award honours a trailblazing Amazon Ads partner who is integrated with the Amazon Ads API and who has developed a technology application that has helped enable their UK clients to expand their business to new regions over the past year. Finalists effectively leveraged Amazon Ads products to contribute to their clients’ global growth.

Innovation Award finalists

This award celebrates an Amazon Ads partner who moved the needle by creating a net-new feature or service that helped drive client value. Finalists effectively developed a new offering that solved a client challenge or created a new use case to help accelerate advertising efficiencies.

Congratulations to all of our finalists.

To learn more about the Amazon Ads Partner Awards, visit the Partner Awards home page.