The Brief, November 2021: News from Amazon and Amazon Ads

23 November 2021

Welcome to The Brief, our monthly round-up of news from Amazon and Amazon Ads. In this month’s edition of The Brief, we share Amazon’s plans to serve customers this holiday season. Plus, we’re excited to share a new mobile shopping feature that makes gifting convenient and more.

Amazon in the news

Amazon’s plan to serve customers this holiday season

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how supply-chain disruptions will have a major impact on the way customers shop and prepare for the holiday season. At Amazon, preparation for the holiday season begins on January 1. From that moment on, our teams work hard to meet our customers’ needs for the holidays ahead. Here are just some of the investments we’ve made across our supply-chain planning, transportation and delivery teams to ensure we are ready to get customers what they want, when they want it, wherever they are this holiday season:

  • We’ve continually invested in technology to better forecast the products our customers want and need, and work closely with our vendors and selling partners to get them in our fulfilment locations close to customers.
  • We’ve invested in people, aircraft, ships and buildings to ensure we have more options in the ways to get things from A to B. We’ve also built a network of strong partnerships across the supply chain to give us the flexibility we need to get the right things to the right places when customers need them.
  • Our Amazon Freight network operates a pool of more than 50,000 trailers, which haul freight across the world. These trailers are powered by tens of thousands of small businesses that collectively employ tens of thousands more drivers to make these shipments possible.
  • We have more than 800 delivery stations globally, employing tens of thousands of people who ready packages for the delivery process. And, our delivery network grew to more than 260,000 drivers worldwide across our Delivery Service Partner program, supported by hundreds of thousands more Amazon Flex drivers – these are the people who deliver the holiday magic to your doorstep.
  • These investments have also allowed us to provide customers with even more options for fast delivery. Last-minute shoppers have access to millions of items available with faster than Same-Day Delivery – with orders arriving in as fast as five hours from click to doorstep in 15 metro areas.

New mobile shopping feature makes gifting convenient

We’ve all missed that opportunity to send a friend or loved one a gift because we didn’t have their address. Or maybe we wanted to spare them the hassle of returning a gift if it wasn’t quite what they wanted.
Amazon just launched a new feature that allows Prime members to instantly send gifts from their mobile devices, simply by providing the recipient’s email or mobile phone number.

How it works:

  1. Prime members can browse millions of products available to gift on the Amazon Shopping app, and once they find the right gift and add it to their cart, they select “Add a gift receipt for easy returns” and proceed to checkout.
  2. When choosing the delivery address, Prime members will now see a new option to “Let the recipient provide their address”. They can then enter the recipient’s email or mobile number.
  3. The recipient receives a gift message – by email or text – that allows them to accept the gift, and then enter their preferred delivery address from their Amazon account.
  4. And while it’s the thought behind a gift that counts, recipients also have the option of exchanging the item for an Amazon gift card. They can then use the card to purchase something else – without having to notify the gift giver.

This new feature rolled out to all Prime members in the US shopping from their mobile device beginning October 4th.

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program continues to grow

People are finding ways to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives, including when shopping online and in stores. That’s one of the reasons Amazon was inspired to launch Climate Pledge Friendly – a program that makes it easier for everyone to discover and shop for more sustainable products on Amazon.

Climate Pledge Friendly is celebrating one year since its launch, and the program continues to grow across the U.S. and Europe with more product certifications. Over 200,000 products and more than 10,000 brands are now available through Climate Pledge Friendly across beauty, wellness, apparel, electronics, household and grocery.

We now partner with 36 external certifiers – across governmental agencies, nonprofits, and independent laboratories – to help us distinguish and showcase more sustainable products across Amazon in the U.S. and Europe. Many certifications are already familiar with customers, including Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade International and USDA Organic.

We also developed our own certification, Compact by Design, to help customers identify products that use less air and water, require less packaging and ultimately become more efficient to ship. At scale, these small differences in product size and weight lead to significant carbon emission reductions and help preserve the natural world.

New insights

Meeting the moment

2020 was a year of undeniable change. It transformed our vision of our world and ourselves. Consumers spent more time in front of their digital devices, giving them global access to goods and services, yet this excess exposure simultaneously created a desire for more real-life, human connection.

Empowered by access to the world of goods and information, today’s consumers are unhindered by distance or time zones. In fact, 6 in 10 consumers agree that: “We’re in an era where we can reach anyone and get anything at our fingertips, on-demand – and it’s amazing1.” In Spain, for one, this sentiment is shared by nearly 80% of consumers. (61% United States/60% Europe – 79% Spain2).

Not surprisingly, consumers have a desire for more human connection after periods of social distancing from friends, family and co-workers. Right now, we’re seeing consumers grapple with what the right amount of technology is and how to balance the benefits with the risk of losing that in-person, human connection they desire.

Nearly half of consumers surveyed feel that digital connectedness is taking us away from the things and people that really matter in life (48% United States/45% Europe agree3). And 75% of consumers in the U.S. and Europe have recently modified their way of life to concentrate more on things that are of value.

Consumers in charge

There’s now a shift in the balance of how to reach consumers. Brands need to leverage technology to be where consumers are in the moments they’re most receptive to messaging, and that messaging should sync with consumers’ wants, needs and beliefs.

An overwhelming majority of consumers (95% United States/92% Europe) want to decide when and where they interact with a brand4.

With consumers’ increased desire for human-centric experiences and connection, it’s time for brands to connect with audiences on their terms, through experiences that speak to them in the digital spaces they

Prioritizing community and impact

Brands have an opportunity to build greater trust with consumers when they are clear about what they stand for and who they stand with. Now, more than ever, consumers have high expectations for companies to speak out on social issues and do their part to better the world.

Consumers are more likely to purchase an item from a brand that is willing to take a stand on social issues.

  • 83% Mexico
  • 70% Europe
  • 66% Canada
  • 55% United States5
More brands should do their part in helping the world, especially during difficult time like these.83%87%87%89%88%91%88%95%
I actively seek out brands that are sustainable in their business practices60%5975%73%72%77%67%89%
I am prepared to pay more for a brand if it stands for a social issue that I consider important55%59%65%62%72%74%55%76%

Concerns about society’s future

Today, climate change, social and societal contributions and responsible business practices top the list of consumer concerns. While consumers globally want brands that are actively helping the world, consumers in Europe and Mexico take it a step further in seeking those brands out and are ready to pay more for them. This is an opportunity for brands to be a voice for social change.

The need for representation

Digital media has made it easier for consumers to connect, inspiring a new sense of identity and making it easier to be seen, heard and understood. This has translated into a yearning for more diversity and representation in advertising (72% United States/67% Europe) 6.

As consumers are increasingly exposed to a diversity of cultures and experiences, their world view becomes more expansive. In fact, the majority of consumers feel they’re more of a global citizen than one of their own country (52% United States / 60% Europe) 7.

Consumers’ desire for more representation in advertising reflects this new sense of self and feeling of being part of a larger global whole.

Product updates

    1. Invalid traffic (IVT) metrics in Amazon DSP report centre

    Amazon DSP has launched invalid traffic metrics in the report centre. You can now add gross impressions, invalid impressions, invalid impression rate, gross click-throughs, invalid click-throughs and invalid click-through rate metrics in your custom report. These metrics are available starting 1 July 2021.

    Available in North America: United States, Canada, Mexico; South America: Brazil; Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom; Middle East: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia; and Asia Pacific: Australia, Japan, India.

    2. Sponsored Display audiences expands with purchases remarketing and custom lookback windows

    We have expanded Sponsored Display’s custom-built audiences with “purchases remarketing” for advertisers to drive repeat purchases and cultivate brand loyalty. The purchases remarketing strategy helps reach audiences based on historical purchase behaviours on Amazon. Advertisers can now remarket to previous purchasers of their own products, related products, as well as products from specific retail categories. Like other custom-built audiences, advertisers can tailor campaigns based on the product insights, such as price and star rating.
    With this launch, we also added customizable “lookback windows” for both views and purchases remarketing audiences. For each audience, advertisers can specify a time period up to 30 days, to include those who performed the shopping action (visited a detail page or purchased a product).

    Available in North America: United States, Canada, Mexico; South America: Brazil; Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom; Middle East: United Arab Emirates; and Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan.

    3. Sponsored ads and Stores launches in Sweden

    Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Stores are available to use on You may want to consider these solutions to help grow your business in Sweden. For example, you can promote your products to reach more shoppers, boost your brand to increase brand awareness or help launch a new product.

    Available in Sweden

    4. Amazon Attribution launches in the Amazon advertising console

    Amazon Attribution (beta) has now launched within the advertising console, so you can access measurement for non-Amazon channels alongside other self-service advertising products, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display and Stores.

    Amazon Attribution measurement is available to professional sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and vendors that sell products on Amazon in the US, UK, CA, FR, IT, ES and DE.

    5. Amazon DSP expands to New Zealand

    Amazon DSP expanded its reach of audiences and inventory in New Zealand. This launch allows self-service advertisers and agencies in Australia and New Zealand to programmatically reach their audiences on both Amazon owned and operated sites and apps such as Amazon and Twitch Video, as well as through our direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges.

    Available in Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand

    6. Responsive e-commerce Creative supports custom images and product titles

    We’ve expanded Responsive e-commerce Creative (REC) customization features so advertisers can add their own images to supported placements and can edit the product title in the ad copy for clarity and brevity. These features are available to all advertisers worldwide.

    Available in North America: United States, Canada, Mexico; South America: Brazil; Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherland, United Kingdom; Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates; and Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan.

    7. Amazon DSP launches in Sweden and Nordic countries

    The self-service Amazon DSP is now available in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Nordic advertisers and agencies can reach audiences on both Amazon-owned sites and apps, including, Twitch video, IMDb TV, as well as wherever they spend time through our direct publisher relationships and third-party exchanges. Advertisers are also able to self-serve, manage, optimize and report on their programmatic display and video campaigns through the Amazon DSP console.

    Available in Sweden

    8. Use Diagnostics tool in Sponsored Products

    Advertisers can now troubleshoot issues affecting ads and campaigns easily in self-service way with the Diagnostics tool. Diagnosing issues can be done by selecting the campaign from the pre-populated drop-down menu, and in less than one minute, advertisers can see the issues affecting the campaign’s delivery. The Diagnostics tool will also give detailed explanations of the issues and recommended steps to fix them.

    Available in North America: United States, Canada, Mexico; South America: Brazil; Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherland, United Kingdom; Middle East: United Arab Emirates; and Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Japan.

    9. Brand metrics now available across Amazon

    Brand Metrics provides a new measurement solution that quantifies opportunities for your brand at each stage of the customer journey in Amazon’s store, and helps brands understand the value of different shopping engagements that impact stages of that journey. You can now access Awareness and Consideration indices that compare your performance to peers using models predictive of consideration and sales.

    Brand Metrics quantifies the number of customers in the awareness and consideration marketing funnel stages and is built at scale to measure all shopping engagements with your brand on Amazon, not just ad-attributed engagements. Additionally, Brand Metrics breaks out key shopping engagements at each stage of the shopping journey, along with the Return on Engagement, so you can measure the historical sales following a consideration event or purchase.

    Available in North America: United States, Canada; Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom; and Asia Pacific: Japan.

    10. New ways for shoppers to follow brands on Amazon

    We’ve expanded Brand Follow to make it easier for shoppers to follow their favourite brands in Amazon’s store. To follow a brand, shoppers can simply hit the “Follow” button, which has been included as an every-day part of the shopping experience – across Stores, Posts and Amazon Live. Shoppers may now see deals from brands they follow when they visit the Amazon homepage.

    Available in North America: United States.

    11. Advertisers can now measure brand marketing impact using Amazon Brand Lift (beta)

    Advertisers can now design, launch and view reporting of Amazon Brand Lift studies from within the Amazon DSP console via self-service. Amazon Brand Lift helps advertisers quantify how their Amazon Ads campaigns are driving marketing objectives such as awareness, purchase intent and ad recall. Amazon Brand Lift is powered by the Amazon Shopper Panel, an invitation-only, opt-in program where participants can earn monthly rewards by choosing to share receipts from purchases made outside of or complete short surveys from within a standalone mobile app.

    Available in North America: United States.

    12. Instructional queries now available in Amazon Marketing Cloud

    Advertisers can now access the Instructional Query Library in the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) web-based UI. The library is a repository of SQL queries that can be directly utilized or customized by AMC users for common measurement and analytics use cases. Each instructional query contains business context, usage instruction and query result interpretation guidance. Examples of instructional queries range from those that address typical measurement use cases such as path to conversion, to technical queries that teach advertisers how to filter text fields using regular expressions.

    Available in North America: United States, Canada, Mexico; Europe: Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom; Middle East: United Arab Emirates; and Asia Pacific: Australia, Japan, India.


1-7 “Higher Impact: The importance of value-driven marketing”, Amazon Ads with Environics Research, 2021