The Brief, August 2021: News from Amazon and Amazon Ads

11 August 2021

Welcome to The Brief, our monthly round-up of news from Amazon and Amazon Ads. In this edition, we are excited to share newly released shopping insights from Amazon. Plus, we’ve recently introduced four new Climate Pledge Friendly certifications, and Amazon has pledged to hire over 100,000 U.S. veterans and military spouses by 2024.

Amazon in the news

Amazon 2021 shopping trends

Amazon’s latest year-over-year shopping data provides a snapshot of what Americans are doing now compared to last year. The data reflects a stark shift. In 2020, customers pounced on puzzles, garden tools, cookware, headphones, exercise bikes and other products to help them stay healthy and entertained at home. But at least one pandemic trend is here to stay. Purchases of sweats, leggings and all things athleisure spiked in 2020 – and sales remain comfortably strong. After an unprecedented year, many Americans are adjusting back to normal routines. Shopping habits have shifted accordingly, reflecting how people across the U.S. are feeling, spending time and even celebrating. Amazon’s latest data also offers insights into what to expect for the rest of 2021 and beyond. See a few trends below, and find all the insight here.

A chart with gifts and balloons in one column, party horn in the centre column, grill and outdoor table in the last column

Amazon wedding registry gift giving, and event and party supply sales have more than doubled year over year. Outdoor furniture sales nearly doubled.

Sweatpants, necklace and teardrop earrings in on one side. Track suit on the other side.

Sweats sales were up by more than 60% and jewellery sales nearly tripled year over year. Athleisure sales increased by more than 50% year over year, with top categories including athletic bottoms (40% increase), athletic tops (45% increase) and leggings (90% increase).

A camp tent with a tree and moon in one column, shorts and sneakers in the middle column and hatchback car with suitcases on top in the final column.

Outdoor living and camping product sales increased by more than 130% year over year. Athletic sports apparel sales increased by more than 40% year over year. Cargo management, exterior accessories, and recreational vehicle care sales more than doubled year over year.

Four new Climate Pledge Friendly certifications

Climate Pledge Friendly is a program that makes it easy for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products in Amazon’s store. We have partnered with trusted third-parties and created our own certification, Compact by Design, which highlights products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world. Climate Pledge Friendly continues to expand its selection of more sustainable products, and customers can now see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on more than 75,000 products across the U.S. and Europe. Now, Amazon is adding four new certifications to help shoppers find more sustainable products across grocery, household, beauty and more: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safer Choice, EWG Verified, Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) and Animal Welfare Approved. Learn more about the new certifications here.

Amazon will hire 100,000 veterans and military spouses by 2024

Amazon is pledging to hire over 100,000 U.S. veterans and military spouses by 2024, building on its commitment to military families after far exceeding its pledge to hire 25,000 by 2021. Amazon offers a variety of programs to assist transitioning service members and military spouses in finding rewarding careers. This includes access to company-funded skills training in high-demand areas through initiatives like the Amazon Technical Apprenticeship Program and AWS re/Start. Military members working at Amazon can also take advantage of the company’s free up-skilling opportunities, which help participants gain new technical skills and move into higher-paying, in-demand jobs. Learn more here.

Caleb Jarrett wearing an air force uniform smiling while walking toward a plane

Caleb Jarrett, inside sales representative for Amazon Web Services

New insights

Diving deep with Connected Consumers

In February 2021, the number of U.S. households with internet-enabled TV connected devices reached 77%, representing 4% growth from the previous year.1 If you’re an advertiser looking to reach this growing audience in relevant and impactful ways that elevate your brand’s message, it’s important to develop a deeper understanding of this audience.

In an effort to dive deep into Connected Consumers, Amazon Ads worked with Ipsos to conduct a survey across 3,000 Americans ages 18-64, which we’ve broken out into three groups, including:

  • General Consumers which represents all respondents who participated in this study.
  • Connected Consumers are respondents who self-reported using a smart media device at least once per month inclusive of smarts TVs, smart speakers, smart displays and streaming devices. Almost two-thirds of Americans today (64%) qualify as Connected Consumers.
  • Amazon Connected Video Consumers are a subset of Connected Consumers who watch Amazon’s ad-supported streaming TV content at least once per month inclusive of IMDb TV, Twitch, live sports on Prime Video, top-tier network and broadcast apps, and Amazon’s News app on Fire TV. 27% of Connected Consumers are Amazon Connected Video Consumers.
Circular chart depicting differences in audience size

Our study segment size consisted of 3,000 General Consumers, 1,921 Connected Consumers, and 524 Amazon Connected Video Consumers.

Two pie charts displaying the age ranges of connected consumers versus Amazon-connected video consumers

Left to right: Connected Consumers age ranges: 18-24 (14%), 25-34 (24%), 35-44 (24%), 45-54 (21%), 55-64 (17%), Amazon Connected Video Consumers age ranges: 18-24 (14%), 25-34 (24%), 35-44 (29%), 45-54 (21%), 55-64 (12%).


Fan Jin smiling with text to the right that says “my best advice”.

Amazon Ads creative leader Fan Jin on building delightful customer experiences, the real value of brand storytelling, and why managers need to be human first.

iProspect global president Amanda Morrissey on performance-driven brand building, reaching audiences today and the business wisdom she gained wakeboarding.

Amanda Morrissey smiling with text to the left that says “my best advice”.

Customer stories

Person using the Mastercard card on their phone to pay for clothes at the register

Mastercard worked with Amazon Ads and media agency of record, Carat, on a bespoke and interactive audio ads campaign that encouraged customers to use contactless forms of payment – either shopping online or “tap-to-pay” in-store – while increasing the reach of their Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) match campaign.

Seventh Generation “power plus easy odour” laundry detergent sitting on a laundry shelf by a basket of towels and clothes pins

With Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly program, Seventh Generation can expand upon their sustainability-focused mission.

Samsung TV used in a shoes store

Samsung teamed up with Amazon Ads to reach new B2B audiences for a TV launch.


1 The Nielsen Total Audience Report, March 2021.