See what’s new with Amazon’s programmatic buying solution

4 OCTOBER 2017

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2017, we’re excited to share an update on key enhancements to our programmatic buying solution (Amazon DSP) this year – including new features and capabilities to make it faster and more effective to build and execute your programmatic advertising campaigns with Amazon.

Upgrades that save you time:

  • Customized reports: Campaign management tables for advertisers and orders now contain pre-set views for “performance” and “delivery” metrics, allowing you to customize each by selecting from a list of available metrics. In addition, we have extended date ranges for the data tables to include “custom” and “this month” options.
  • In-line and bulk editing: You can now edit and save line item settings directly within campaign management tables.
  • Automated creative scanning: Our system will now instantly scan creatives to confirm they meet our specs and email you with information and next steps about any issues.
  • CSV upload for domain targeting: Rather than directly pasting domain block lists and safe lists, we have added the ability to upload domain lists via CSV (up to 500,000 domains), helping you reliably include or exclude specific sites.
  • Data match using pre-hashed email addresses: You can now securely upload audiences for your Amazon campaigns using pre-hashed, anonymized customer lists.

Improvements to make your advertising more efficient:

  • Advertiser audiences lookalikes: If you are in the United States or Canada, you can now use the advertiser audiences tool to discover overlap between your anonymized customer lists, DMP segments, pixel-based audiences and Amazon lifestyle and in-market segments. This in turn helps you extend campaign reach by finding shoppers who exhibit similar behaviours to your existing audiences.
  • Data Management Platform (DMP) integrations: We now support audience ingestion from Adobe Audience Manager and Salesforce DMP (formerly known as Krux), enabling you to use your existing DMP audiences when creating campaigns via our programmatic buying solution.
  • Expanded remarketing reach: Our remarketing pixel now enables you to remarket audiences across all third party supply, rather than just Amazon supply.
  • Integral Ad Science viewability filters: You can now apply pre-bid viewability filters using Integral Ad Science (IAS) tiers. IAS tiers are based on individual URLs’ previously measured viewable rates, according to IAB standards.
  • Exclusive Amazon retail site or targeting: If you are in the United States or the United Kingdom, rather than buy all Amazon inventory under a single Amazon supply source, you can now specifically designate for targeting. In North America and the rest of Europe, you can also specify your regional Amazon retail site for targeting.
  • Mobile web targeting: You can now explicitly target desktop versus mobile web and Android versus iOS within your workflow setup. For example, if you find that people with Apple devices or on desktops tend to convert at higher rates, you might choose to target those environments specifically.

Enhancements for advanced insights:

  • Brand snapshot reporting: Advertising on Amazon creates a ripple effect for product sales and traffic across a brand’s entire portfolio, not just the specific product advertised. With new “brand halo” metrics for attributed events such as detail page views, add to cart and purchases, you will gain a more holistic understanding of your campaign’s impact.
  • Subscribe & Save metrics: You can now see metrics in both the dashboard and downloadable reports about which ads drove new product subscriptions, rather than one-time purchases.
  • Prime Video metrics: For entertainment brands whose videos are available on Prime Video, we have added new metrics such as rentals and downloads to both the dashboard and downloadable reports.
  • Video ad metrics: For brands running video ads, nearly a dozen new video metrics such as completion rate and effective cost per completed view (eCPCV) are now included in both the performance dashboard and downloadable report.
  • Innovid video ad serving: In addition to DoubleClick and Sizmek, we now accept third party tags from Innovid to serve and track video creatives.
  • Product-level reporting: See how your ad campaigns impact overall performance metrics for promoted products and/or product variations (e.g. flavours, colours, sizes).
  • Reach and frequency metrics: Cumulative reach, daily reach, cumulative frequency and average frequency are now available as marketing metrics on the order, line item and creative level, helping you understand the total size of the audience reached by your campaign as well as how many times each user was reached within a given time frame.

Expansions to help you reach your consumer in more ways:

  • Out-stream video: We’ve expanded our third-party video supply to include standard IAB out-stream formats such as in-feed, in-read, in-banner and interstitial.
  • New open exchange inventory: We integrated over a dozen new inventory sources across display, video and mobile app.
  • New private marketplace inventory: We also integrated a few new PMP sources via both API and manual deal entry, across display and video.
  • 1800x1000 creative size: For high-impact campaigns, we now support a new 1800 x 1000 “skins” placement, which is available through private marketplaces in the EU.

In addition to all the updates above, we still have more features rolling out this year. Keep an eye out for additional updates to the campaign management workflow and analytics, as well as new third-party vendor support, e-commerce features and expanded supply.

Finally, as we gear up for 2018, we will continue to make investments in areas such as usability, scalability and continued innovation. Questions? Reach out to your Amazon Ads account executive today or contact us to discover more about how our programmatic buying solution can help drive success for your brand.