Four ways the learning console can help you prep for Prime Day

Learning console

9 May 2022 | By Jennifer Cress, Sr. Content Strategist

Prime Day is back this July, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. Whether you’re a seller looking to advertise for the first time this Prime Day or you’re an advertiser exploring ways to amplify your impact, head to the learning console’s Prime Day hub. You’ll find courses, webinars, boot camps and more that will teach you how to optimize your marketing strategy. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover on the learning console and how you can apply these lessons before, during and after Prime Day.

It’s the perfect time to advertise – learn how and why

Consider our course on how to plan for Prime Day your guide to amplifying your brand during this busy shopping time. Upon completion, you’ll understand how sponsored ads can support your overall goals, and you’ll learn the key steps needed to get ready for Prime Day (like adapting your budget). Plus, the course includes tactics you can implement to optimize your advertising strategy and advice for revising your campaigns during the peak period based on performance.

New to Prime Day advertising? Get started with sponsored ads

Prime Day is a great time to experiment with advertising on Amazon to reach new audiences before, during and after the event. If you’re new to Amazon Ads, we recommend enrolling in our fundamentals of sponsored ads learning path after you finish the how to plan for Prime Day course. This learning path will dive deeper into sponsored ad products and teach you about common terms, features and functionality that you can implement to create an effective advertising campaign for Prime Day and beyond.

Take it a step further with Stores

We also recommend taking advantage of additional products that will help you engage new customers during Prime Day. Stores give brands the opportunity to create an immersive experience to share their story, mission and products. Before setting up your Store, enrol in the learning console’s leveraging Stores for brand awareness learning path. The path spotlights factors that contribute to high-quality Stores, and you’ll learn tips for driving organic and paid traffic to your Store. Plus, you’ll dive deep into how to use insights to optimize your strategy.

Learn even more at our Prime Day virtual summit

In addition to our courses and learning paths, Amazon Ads is hosting a two-day virtual summit on 7 and 8 June called Plan. Prep. Prime Day. There, you’ll learn more ways to create your best strategy for peak period success. Throughout the summit, we’ll introduce you to the three key phases of your advertising calendar – discovery, purchase and opportunity – and share best practices for each. You’ll have access to advertising experts and learn how advertisers just like you prepared for their peak periods. You’ll leave with the tools and guidance you need to help you get the most out of your next event.