New Sponsored Display features help brands reach audiences on their shopping and entertainment journeys

29 October 2021

During unBoxed 2021, which took place virtually from 26 October through to 27 October, Amazon Ads introduced a range of Sponsored Display features that could help brands promote, communicate, and connect their products to customers in new ways.

Re-engage shoppers with purchases remarketing

Customers often like discovering new products from brands they are already engaged and familiar with. With that in mind, Amazon Ads has expanded Sponsored Display’s Custom-Built Audiences with purchases remarketing. Purchases remarketing helps advertisers reach audiences based on historical purchases and shopping activities on Amazon. This means brands have the power to help drive repeat purchases of their products and while also building brand loyalty. Using this feature, brands can remarket to previous audiences of their promoted products, other popular products and also products from specific retail categories.

Purchases Remarketing helps brands connect with customers in more intentional and relevant ways. Advertisers can customize campaigns using refinements like price point, brand and star rating. In addition, Amazon Ads is introducing customizable lookback windows for Custom-Built Audiences, which is available for both Views and purchases remarketing. With this feature, advertisers can further define the audiences they are hoping to reach.

Connect with audiences using bid optimizations

There are even more ways to connect with relevant audiences. Amazon Ads has expanded its bidding controls for Sponsored Display ads. Custom Bid Optimizations allows advertisers to reach relevant audiences further throughout their shopping and entertainment journeys. Advertisers in specific regions can select “Optimize for Viewable Impressions” to help increase product awareness and reach for relevant customers.

By using Optimize for Viewable Impressions, advertisers can extend reach, value, and their consideration and awareness efforts with Click + View attribution, and pay for this value using cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) billing. Sponsored Display reporting can help advertisers optimize campaigns and gain more insights into relevant audiences for their campaigns.

Maximize brand creative with dynamically Optimized Creative

Sponsored Display creatives are evolving with further dynamic and responsive features. Amazon Ads’ dynamically Optimized Creative uses machine learning algorithms to help serve ad creatives that are most likely to fulfill advertisers' needs, by using inputs like product, placement, publisher and even the types of audiences likely to view a brand’s ad. This also allows advertisers’ creative to be optimized to an infinite number of sizes across devices and publishers, wherever they spend time. In addition, creative elements like a product’s title, price, brand logo, Amazon’s calls-to-action and more will be combined and tailored to help advertisers reach their campaign goals and serve the creative most likely to help meet an advertiser’s needs.

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