Picture perfect: How streaming video brands can drive consideration among audiences

2 March 2022

It’s the golden age of streaming. With over 300 streaming video apps and services available in the US alone, fans have more choices than ever about what they watch and how.1 And as they spend more time streaming – last year saw a 50% increase in time spent on ad-supported video services – they’re also doing their research, looking for brands that align with their values and needs.2

How can streaming services stand out and help inform and educate audiences as they consider their options? Amazon Ads and Kantar conducted a survey to better understand what’s important to streaming audiences and how brands can connect with them along their shopping and entertainment journeys. Here’s what we learned.

Viewers are weighing their options

The average consumer subscribes to four paid video streaming services.3 How do they decide which services to choose?

Cost is an important factor. Nearly a third of streamers surveyed think they’re paying too much for streaming services. Among those who did online research, 42% reported they were looking to compare prices or find promotions.4

Content also plays an important role for many streamers, and heavy streamers who subscribe to three or more apps were drawn primarily towards services that provide exclusive content.5

Streaming brands looking to be part of the consideration set might consider highlighting brand deals and benefits that resonate with consumers in their messaging. For example, brands interested in connecting with heavy streaming customers may want to spotlight their newest content releases and exclusives.

Streaming audiences have diverse interests and needs

Streaming audiences have a wide range of interests and pair different service options to fit their unique needs. Although a majority of consumers subscribe to at least one paid service, ad-supported services are also on the rise: 63% of streamers who reported that they shop on Amazon use both paid and ad-supported services.6

When it comes to content, viewers are driven more by TV shows than they are films: 48% of streamers surveyed subscribed to a service based on TV options compared to 38% who were motivated by a particular film.7 Their viewing preferences differ too: paid subscribers were more likely to stream animation and sports programming, whereas ad-supported customers watched more western and suspense content.8

These viewers also have interests that expand well beyond film and TV. Streaming audiences who reported they shop in Amazon’s store, for example, said they are also shopping categories and brands related to Nutrition and Wellness and Household Consumables.9

Amazon Ads can help brands connect with relevant audiences whether they’re shopping the latest wellness trends or enjoying content on their Fire TV.

Reaching streaming audiences

Audiences are paying attention early, before they even start streaming. 29% of streamers said they noticed pre-premiere ads, and the majority joined a new service or downloaded a streaming app over a week before a specific show or movie premiered.10 But conversation continues through and beyond premiere day, with 17% of streamers subscribing to a service post-premiere.11 Streaming brands may want to consider advertising early to create buzz ahead of a major premiere, and extending their campaigns to build some post-premiere excitement.

As streaming audiences consider which services are right for them, brands may want to consider using Streaming TV and online video ads. These solutions can help brands show up alongside premium content on IMDb TV, Twitch and more in order to connect with engaged audiences. Amazon Ads can help make sure your brand is ready for showtime.

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