Three ways to enhance search campaigns with display ads

Updated 23 November 2021

Learn how brands are using display ads and sponsored ads together to boost advertising performance

Sponsored ads and display ads are often considered separately, but these tactics are most effective for brands when they work together. By combining sponsored ads and display advertising, Amazon can help brands increase audience reach, sales and creative engagement. Here are three examples of how Amazon advertisers are using display media to complement sponsored ads campaigns:

1. Reengage brand shoppers with display ads

Linenspa, a sleep product company, was looking to build upon its strong search campaign results to drive more product sales on Amazon. The brand was seeing great success getting shoppers to their detail pages using sponsored ads and wanted to find ways to get more shoppers browsing their products to purchase. With that goal in mind, Linenspa chose to also test Amazon display ads. Using Amazon’s capabilities, Linenspa was able to engage shoppers who had visited the brand’s product detail pages with customized messaging that featured the products individual shoppers had viewed. The result was a 1.6X lift in return on ad spend and 2X the average daily sales for the promoted products.

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2. Expand reach among a qualified audience

Rhodius, a family-owned beverage company from Germany, wanted to increase awareness and engagement for their line of canned water products sold on Amazon. The brand was using sponsored ads to help influence purchase among shoppers actively searching for its products and saw “an opportunity to reach even more shoppers likely to buy our products,” said a marketing executive at Rhodius. In order to do this, the brand needed to broaden its strategy. Rhodius used display ads and additional ads to message audiences whose shopping behaviours indicated an interest in purchasing water. After completing a three-month test campaign, Rhodius saw that combining display advertising with its existing efforts had sparked a positive trend in shopper interest – with a 20% increase in searches for their brand and product keywords, as well as a 56% growth in organic retail impressions for their products during the time their campaign was live.

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3. Convey a broader message

Seiko, an innovative watch brand that had been using sponsored ads solutions since 2016, wanted to find ways to both expand their reach and convey their brand story. To achieve these goals, Seiko used Amazon’s in-market audience segments to reach relevant customers with display ads wherever they spend their time (via the programmatic ad solution). Display and banner ads provide advertisers with a myriad of creative options including display ads with e-commerce creative, which automatically deliver optimized ad creative to improve customers’ shopping experiences. On average, display ads with e-commerce creative drive a 23% lift in purchase rate compared to standard ads. In this case, Seiko’s ad creative strategy was designed to highlight their brand values, seasonal relevancy and drive seasonal activity – ads included calls to action around Father’s Day and holiday gift giving. As a result, Seiko drove a 1.3X increase in return on ad spend. Eric L Hofmann, Senior VP of Business Development, explains, “Using Amazon display products to complement our [sponsored ads] campaigns helped us grow our business by enabling us to reach more high-intent customers wherever they spend their time and gave us the creative flexibility we needed to ensure our ads were seasonally relevant and included our best brand imagery.”

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