Did you know? Amazon Advertising can drive more than sales

16 JULY 2018

By Melanie Tuazon
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Customers come to Amazon not only as a place to shop, but also as an outlet to discover brands and new Amazon original content. In fact, 80% of Amazon customers use Amazon to discover new products or brands.1 As a result, Amazon Advertising can help businesses reach millions of Amazon customers and deliver brand results by creating awareness for a product launch, driving brand discoverability and supporting product education.

Why launch a new product with Amazon?

Businesses can leverage our brand display solutions to reach new customers and increase awareness for their new product.

Airheads saw a 120% lift in aided awareness with their new product launch.

Airheads collaborated with us to promote the launch of their new product, Airheads gum. They leveraged our programmatic display and video solutions on third-party sites and Fire TV and saw a 120% lift in overall aided awareness among new customers exposed to the ads.3

How can Amazon Advertising help drive brand discoverability?

According to a recent Quantcast study, four in five shopping journeys end with customers purchasing one of the first nine brands they considered.4 We can help drive consideration by surfacing your brand and products in prominent places throughout Amazon.com and on exclusive devices such as the Fire TV and Fire tablet.

Oodji boosted their brand’s discoverability on Amazon with a 76% increase in branded keyword searches during the campaign period.

Oodji wanted to create awareness for the launch of their clothing line on Amazon in the European Union ahead of the fall fashion season. Using Amazon Advertising’s sponsored ads and display ads, they were able to test variations of ad creative to learn that bright and colourful clothing imagery performed best. They saw a 76% increase in branded keyword searches during their campaigns, which helped boost their brand’s discoverability on Amazon.2

How can customers learn more about your product benefits on Amazon?

Amazon has become a digital storefront: 70% of Amazon customers “window shop” on the site.1 Our ads and product detail pages have information, customer reviews and videos that promote product or brand education.

Fitbit drove product education for the new Ionic watch with a 50% higher click-through rate on Fire tablet.

Fitbit wanted to communicate their Ionic smartwatch product benefits in an innovative way. They were the first to leverage a new Fire tablet creative feature that showcased the smartwatch in a 360° rotation on the Fire tablet wake screen. The campaign drove high engagement with a 50% higher click-through rate over the Fire tablet benchmark and 350% higher detail page view rate across placements compared to the overall benchmark.3

To learn more about our brand solutions, contact your Amazon account executive or get in touch with an advertising representative.

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4 Quantcast study of 2,561 consumers in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Italy across eight different categories, Nov 2016