Amazon Ads awarded TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal

12 NOVEMBER 2019

By Christian Martine
Sr. Program Manager

We are pleased to announce that Amazon Ads has earned the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) Certified Against Fraud Seal in the capacities of a Buyer, Direct Seller and Intermediary. Advertisers and agencies running campaigns using Amazon Ads products, including Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and the Amazon DSP, have assurance that their ad spend has industry-standard protection against invalid traffic (IVT) that has been independently audited to meet TAG guidelines.

TAG is an industry body that aims to eliminate fraud, combat malware, fight piracy and promote brand safety in digital advertising. Amazon Ads is committed to TAG’s mission of improving trust in digital advertising. We are a member of the TAG Leadership Council, the operational decision-making body for TAG’s initiatives, and the TAG Anti-Fraud Working Group, which oversees the TAG Certified Against Fraud Program. Additionally, we co-chair the Business Transparency Committee and are a member of the Inventory Quality Guidelines and Anti-Malware Working Groups.

Amazon Ads TAG Certified Against Fraud seal covers all ad formats and products throughout our global advertising operations. Our TAG-ID is 4582cc3fa09ce42f and our TAG certification status can be verified at any time through the TAG Registry.