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Learn from your peers how to build successful sponsored ads campaigns. Our growing community of Amazon Ads Educators will share their expertise and advice with new content updated frequently. Connect with these advertisers through live webinars, videos, blog posts, and in our forum to help you on your advertising journey.

Seller to seller: shortcuts to success

Educators have collectively coached thousands of Amazon sellers – helping to scale brands to six figures and turned side hustles into full-time jobs. Now, they are revealing their unique backgrounds and perspectives so you can do it, too.

Meet our Amazon Ads Educators

bryan cohen

Bryan Cohen

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Bryan Cohen is an author, a podcaster, and a teacher who runs the 5-Day Author Ad Profit Challenge*, an online event that has helped thousands of self-published authors navigate Amazon Ads.

Bryan’s top tip:

"If the numbers say that something you're doing leads to profit, it's a great idea to double down."

Farah Finds

Farah Finds

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Farah Finds runs fashion accessory brand SwankySwans on Amazon UK. She started her brand with a £200 investment 13 years ago in 2009, sourcing products locally, and within 3 years made her first million in annual sales. Farah’s brand is also stocked via Amazon Vendor in international Amazon marketplaces. The growth and success her brand experienced as a small business on Amazon is unbelievable. Farah recently slowed down to start a family and her husband joined her full time. Farah’s Amazon business provided her family with the flexibility and financial freedom that most people only dream of. Amazon has been a part of Farah’s life for 13 years and still going strong and hitting 7-figure-sales. In 2020, Farah started educating new sellers by sharing her Amazon selling experience and insights via the Farah Finds YouTube channel and her signature 12-month seller training course.

Farah's top tip:

“Be willing to learn and evolve your business with Amazon. I have been selling for 13 years and am still here. Amazon Ads is one of the fastest ways to get your products in the hands of customers as you launch your product. Assign a budget. Test small product batches. Build on feedback. Slow and steady wins the race.”

farida bayoumi

Farida Bayoumi

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Farida decided to quit her desk job and give herself a year to run her own business. Starting off with just $3,000, today she and her husband are earning high returns and enjoying the freedom of working independently and helping others.

Farida’s top tip:

"I think micro-influencers are one of the most overlooked methods of marketing for new and emerging online retail businesses."

lucas kwiatkowski

Lucas Kwiatkowski

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Lucas Kwiatkowski created Nomadz to educate big and small sellers, using hands-on management to scale brands past the $10 million-a-year milestone.

Lucas’s top tip:

"Know when you're overspending and use Sponsored Products Exact match keywords as the majority of your ad spend, to keep margins healthy."

mandeep kaur

Mandeep Kaur

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Mandeep is a full-time Amazon FBA seller based in Vancouver, BC, with an extensive background in adult education and marketing. Mandeep leveraged Amazon FBA to scale her business in order to be able to quit her full-time job in 2020. She enjoys all aspects of running her business including brand management, PPC, and sharing Amazon FBA tips with her TikTok followers.

Mandeep's top tip:

"When starting to use keywords on Amazon Ads, it’s important to focus on building a base of the keywords you should convert and do well on, that clearly describe your product. I personally love starting with phrase match."

valerie thompskins

Valerie Thompkins

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Valerie Thompkins is the author of the book Girls Like Me, which encourages children to explore career fields like STEM from an early age. Valerie is a speaker, mentor, and career coach who provides résumé and cover letter consulting to help individuals try and achieve their desired professional pursuits. She believes in highlighting stories that showcase families of all backgrounds in positive, main-character roles. Valerie is on a mission to empower kids and families to explore a diverse array of books and develop an enthusiasm for reading. Valerie is a self-published author who has established an audience through multiple social media platforms to sell over 10,000 books.

Valerie's top tip:

"Meet your audience where they are, whether that’s on social media or in real life."

angel johnson

Angel Johnson

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Angel Johnson is the CEO and Founder of ICONI, a motivational activewear line. She empowers others through her philanthropy and her brand’s positive message.

Angel's top tip:

"Use the Seller University resources and courses to maximize your performance on the Amazon store."


Who are Amazon Ads Educators?

Amazon Ads Educators are experienced advertisers who’ve been successful on Amazon. They’ve built their own online communities, helping other advertisers succeed by sharing tips they’ve learned along the way. There will continually be new Amazon Ads Educators joining and sharing their expertise, too. This program is a benefits driven collaboration between Amazon Ads & our Educators.

How can Amazon Ads Educators help?

Amazon Ads Educators will share their top advertising tips, best practices, and industry insights via educational videos, live webinars, and “ask me anything” conversations in our forum. Consider applying their advice to your sponsored ads campaigns.

Where can I find updates from Amazon Ads Educators?

This page will feature the latest content from Amazon Ads Educators, including upcoming events and their educational videos on the learning console. You can also follow Amazon Ads Educators on social media.

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