Amazon Ads Education Alliance

Empowering students, faculty, and institutions with resources and tools to prepare students for careers in advertising, digital commerce, and beyond.

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Developing the next generation of advertising leaders

As the advertising and digital commerce industry continues to transform at a rapid pace, employees with the necessary business skills are in high demand. The Education Alliance provides students and faculty with access to free training, curriculum, and development opportunities that prepares students to pursue careers in advertising, sales, account management, and beyond.

We strive to hire the brightest minds from institutions all around the globe, and we have career opportunities in Amazon Ads for students from all backgrounds. Amazon customers and advertisers represent a wide array of gender identities, races, ethnicities, abilities, ages, religions, sexual orientations, military status, backgrounds, and political views. We believe it's also critical for Amazon employees to reflect these diverse perspectives, which helps us in our mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company.

Program benefits


  • Become a leader in the advertising industry
  • Attract and develop educators and students
  • Provide your educators and students with the latest advertising content
  • Gain access to Amazon Ads support for on-campus events


  • Gain access to innovative advertising courses
  • Receive complimentary Amazon Ads professional training
  • Gain co-teaching support from Amazon employees


  • Gain access to innovative advertising courses
  • Land a well-paid job in one of the fastest-growing industries
  • Gain skills hiring managers value
  • Network with Amazon Ads employees

About the curriculum

The Education Alliance offers varying levels of course engagement and resources that enable students to develop a range of skills and knowledge across varying industry trends, Amazon Ads products, and sales strategy.


Amazon Ads certifications

Through Amazon’s learning console, educators and students can become certified in Amazon Ads Foundations, Amazon DSP, Retail for Advertisers, and sponsored ads. Educators and institutions will receive a custom link to share with students. Upon getting certified, students can upload their certifications to a resume or website such as LinkedIn.

Guest presentations

Guest presentations

Amazon will collaborate with educators to identify 1-2 sessions where Amazon can deliver a presentation to the classroom. Topics will be relevant to existing coursework and align with the curriculum schedule. Example presentations include Amazon Ads 101, sponsored ads, or analytics and storytelling.

Co-teaching course

Amazon will collaborate with educators to identify several touchpoints (3+) where Amazon will co-teach with faculty on topics including sponsored ads, display ads, advertising audiences, and analytical recommendations. Coursework may be altered across the semester to fit in Amazon Ads training along with existing curriculum. Amazon may also integrate practical training and evaluations typically reserved for internships into undergraduate curriculum, providing students with hands-on-experience of roles in advertising and digital commerce.

Independent study or accredited class

Independent study or accredited class

Amazon will collaborate with educators to promote and develop a semester-long course taught by Amazon employees. In some cases, faculty will lead and teach topics after receiving professional training from Amazon employees. Independent study courses are a non-credit course, whereas accredited classes provide students university credit upon passing the course. We may integrate a case study, pitch presentation, required certifications, and more.

Early careers at Amazon Ads

Come build the future with us! Amazon has a unique opportunity to help accelerate your career and make an impact on our advertising customers globally. These full-time roles are ideal for an entry-level or early career candidate (1-3 years of experience) who is interested in launching a career at the intersection of advertising and digital commerce, has a history of achieving ambitious goals, is a customer-obsessed individual, and is an analytical problem solver with an interest in working with both well-known and emerging brands.

You will begin your journey at Amazon immersed in an 18-week training program, along with a cohort of peers, during which you will learn about the digital advertising industry, become an expert in Amazon’s advertising products, and understand how these products help brands efficiently grow their businesses. You'll learn how to analyze campaign metrics, develop media plans based on client goals, and deliver the highest level of customer service to clients. Account Executives, Account Managers, and Creative Campaign Managers work together, working backwards from clients' goals to serve business needs and generate growth.

How the team works together

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Account Executive (AE)

Increase new and existing business revenue for clients and Amazon

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Account Manager (AM)

Analyze campaign data and provide actionable recommendations

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Creative Campaign Manager (CCM)

Develop and advance creative strategy

Associate Account Executive (AAE)

  • Refine presentation, writing, and sales skills, such as prospecting, cold-calling, and negotiating to retain and grow revenue from advertisers
  • Foster new relationships with a list of clients and propose relevant Amazon Ads solutions
  • Meet target client-facing productivity metrics to prepare for a sales quota

Associate Account Manager (AAM)

  • Become an expert on and adapt Amazon solutions based on advertiser needs
  • Perform in-depth data analysis to deliver proposals that effect short- and long-term digital media strategy
  • Analyze campaigns to deliver actionable insights and recommendations to achieve upsell goals

Associate Creative Campaign Manager (ACCM)

  • Develop brand-level creative strategies to maximize advertiser impact
  • Manage the operational aspects of the campaign workflow and define best practices to provide frustration-free campaign launches
  • Analyze creative performance to develop impactful advertiser recommendations

Associate Global Partner Manager (AGPM)

  • Available in China only
  • Develop advertising knowledge and sales CRM proficiency during the training program
  • Educate clients on advertising strategies and in-depth data analysis, delivering the highest-level of customer service
  • Work closely with internal and external partners to help the team retain and grow advertiser revenue