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Video builder

With video builder (beta), you can create videos for your ads in minutes, at no additional cost, using simple image and text templates.

What is video builder?

Video builder is a self-service tool that allows you to quickly create impactful videos using image and text templates. Videos can be used to produce engaging Sponsored Brands video, Sponsored Display video, and online video placements.

How does video builder work?

Users can create high-quality, on-brand videos through a wide and growing selection of ready-to-use and customizable templates.

Why should I use video builder?

Create impactful videos at no additional cost

Access video builder in the advertising console to produce Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display video ads for free.

Experiment with different creatives and new ad formats

Test different headlines and images in your video creative, and try new ad formats to complement your marketing efforts.

Build videos with quickly and effortlessly

Create a video asset rapidly without the need for a marketing specialist or video editor. You can also reuse existing images from your asset library.

Customize templates to promote your brand

Select from a wide range of templates, and personalize your videos with color, font, and music. Using templates also helps pass the video moderation process, resulting in an approval rate over 99%.

How do I use video builder?

Step 1

Sign in to your Amazon Ads account or register. Access video builder from the Ads Console under the creative tools menu.

Step 2

Select “Create new video,” choose single or multi-product video type, and your preferred products and templates.

Step 3

Choose your preferred products and templates, and customize your video with music, logos, and more.

Step 4

Within each scene, replace the default product image or headline or enter new ones.

Step 5

Preview your video. Select “Save as draft” to save your progress, or select “Submit” to upload the video to Creative Assets.

Step 6

Add your video to your Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Display video campaign by selecting “Choose from creative assets'” in the “Creative” step of the campaign-building process.

Additional resources

Amazon video production and editing services

Amazon’s video creative production and editing services can help you produce compliant and inspiring videos across all formats. Get your video as incentive with qualifying campaigns or as affordable, fee-based services.

Third-party video creation tools

Amazon video templates are also available across popular design tools that make it easy to produce and edit video assets.


Who can use video builder?

Video builder is available in the Ad Console as a creative tool for sellers and vendors worldwide.

How much does it cost to use video builder?

With video builder, you can create impactful videos at no additional cost.

What results can I expect from video builder?

Users can create high-quality and customized videos for their brand to produce engaging video ads.