Creative solutions

Creative enhancements

Take customers from awareness to action

Let customers interact with your video or audio ads, encourage engagement with rewards, or enhance your Streaming TV ads with exciting features to add value and drive incremental performance.

Elevate your brand impact and engagement

Our interactive and rewarded ad formats are designed to boost brand perception and drive engagement, delivering high performance for your campaign.

Encourage customers on their shopping journey

Creative enhancements create a more direct path for customers and accelerate their journey with a brand.

Simple video customization for any budget

With Streaming TV Studio, you can effortlessly customize your video content with overlays, end slates, ratings, and product details to boost your message. Tailor creative instantly for free, saving time and budget.

How creative enhancements help drive success


Interactive video ads campaigns were +1.4x more likely to deliver positive brand lift than video campaigns without interactive ads.1


Alexa interactive audio ads were +1.8x more likely to generate statistically significant lift in at least one brand metric such as awareness, consideration, or purchase intent.2


Rewarded ads deliver a 2.5X increase in CTR on DSP display, and a 44%+ increase on Fire TV native.3

Featured solutions

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Interactive video

Invite customers to interact with ads using their remote or phone.

Enhance the viewing experience by inviting customers to engage more deeply with a brand or product by taking a simple action. They can use their remote or phone to learn more or add a product to their cart right in the moment.

On average, interaction rates for the Shoppable CTAs on interactive video ads outperformed Detail Page View Rate for the average Amazon video ads campaign by +4.3x.4

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Interactive audio

Let customers connect with your brand through quick, simple voice responses.

Alexa interactive audio ads gives interested customers the opportunity to take action with brands using a voice-forward hands-free experience using an Alexa call-to-action (Alexa CTA).

On average, Alexa interactive audio campaigns drove +9% lift in likelihood to take an action on Alexa for the brand.5

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Rewarded ads

Encourage ad engagement through valuable rewards

Rewarded Ads are a creative enhancement that enables brands a tangible way to power consideration and attention, improving the effectiveness of their ad strategies and increasing the value from the ads customers see.

93% of Amazon shoppers surveyed say they are more likely to try a new brand for the first time if offered a reward, and 74% of Amazon shoppers say that they are willing to switch brands for a promotion, cheaper products, or their regular brand being out of stock.6

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Streaming TV Studio

Enhance your video with customizable visuals and text

Easily augment your existing video assets using customizable templates. Add overlays and end slates or build in Amazon’s trusted brand elements like ratings, product details, and voice calls to action on Alexa.


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