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Com2us summon gamers with programmatic advertising

A mobile gaming app developer used Amazon’s programmatic advertising solution to grow awareness and installs for its new game.

Chatting with GhostBed

A mattress company used search & display to reach new audiences across devices.

Auto insurance provider

Amazon Advertising Platform campaign outperforms client benchmarks by 3x with $5.00 cost per quote.

Plato Pet Treats

Amazon Advertising Platform and mobile display delivered $1.21 ROI while increasing product research events by over 100%.


Learn how the coffee pioneer beat CPA goals by 70% and drove sales 3x higher on Amazon compared to its projected goals.

National eyewear company

Amazon Advertising Platform surpasses National Eyewear Company’s CPA goals by 36%.

Weight loss company

Using Amazon Advertising Platform, this national weight loss company beats CPA goal by 39%.


Utilizing Amazon audience segments helped DYMO® increase brand preference by 53% among Amazon shoppers.


This water filtration systems manufacturer used cross-screen campaigns at and Amazon mobile to increase users’ likelihood to purchase by 4.8 times.


Procter & Gamble saw an incremental $1.6 million in offline sales after testing an Amazon advertising campaign.

Community Coffee

Community Coffee used a mix use of media across Amazon’s online and Kindle platforms during the holiday season to increase customer consideration for purchasing the product by 4x.


IRIS USA, Inc used the Fire tablet and the Amazon Advertising Platform to increase purchases for their Pet Play Pen by 90%.