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IRIS drives sales and awareness with Amazon Media Group

IRIS USA, Inc., a manufacturer of pet products and home organization solutions, sought advertising tactics to raise awareness and consideration of the Iris Pet Play Pen during the holiday season. The campaign timing created an opportunity to capitalize on the increased traffic and the preparatory mindset of pet owners and gift givers during the holidays. Amazon Media Group brought IRIS impactful and wide reaching advertising solutions to reinforce the Iris Pet Play Pen as an ideal holiday gift for both pets and pet lovers.

The Amazon media solution

To achieve this combination of efficient scale and consumer impact, Amazon Media Group targeted customers that were in-market to buy dog supplies across the Amazon Advertising Platform and Fire tablets. The Amazon Advertising Platform creative featured customer reviews for the Iris Pet Play Pen reinforcing that it was a must purchase for pets during the holiday season. The impactful Fire tablet Wake Screen creative acted as an awareness and traffic driver due to its highly visible full screen presence. With this combination of tactics Amazon Media Group helped IRIS meet its goals of increased consumer awareness and consideration.

IRIS USA Amazon Banner Ad and Kindle Ad Examples

IRIS USA, Inc. has been operating in the United States since 1994, functioning as a manufacture of consumer goods in an extensive line-up of organizational products for their every use: home, office, craft & hobby, and pet. The company is dedicated to bringing solutions to the consumer by designing and developing products that bring organization, convenience, comfort and beauty to everyday living. IRISUSA, Inc. provides plastic storage, mesh/wire storage, LED, housewares goods and high-quality products to improve and enhance the experience of pet ownership: pet food storage containers, training pads, plastic pens, cages, pet carriers, and litter boxes to name a few. IRIS OhyamaInc. is the parent company to IRIS USA, Inc. operating out of Japan since 1958 offering over 15,000 products in Japan alone, IRIS operates some of the most sophisticated and highly automated manufacturing and distribution facilities in the world.

Source: IRIS USA End of Campaign Report, January 2015