Baggallini sees over 5x return on investment

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“We’ve already adjusted spend across other paid search channels to support AMS. When digital marketing is easy to quantify, it’s a no brainer to go with a more productive program.” - Alan Krantzler, Brand President, Baggallini

In February 2015, Baggallini launched their Amazon Marketing Services advertising program to drive sales and visibility for their products on They have, so far, leveraged various targeting methods to reach specific audiences, including keyword, product and interest-based targeting.

Baggallini Amazon Banner Ad Example

Baggallini found it intuitive to identify the right keywords and target products. Ads are usually live the same day and the analytics allow them to quickly determine whether or not an ad is working. Keywords can be tweaked as needed while the campaign is running and the budget can also be adjusted to invest more in an ad that is tracking well.

Baggallini is very diligent about using results to optimize and grow their program. They’ve found that it’s easy to extract data and insights from AMS’ performance reporting, and with the new cloning campaign feature, they’re able to run successful ads from older campaigns with just a few clicks. Baggallini is eager to explore AMS’ capabilities further by combining specific items and collections and targeting to different audiences. They’re also evaluating increasing the number of campaigns they run as they go into planning for next year’s marketing budget.