3 simple steps to build your Prime Day advertising strategy

JULY 2, 2019

By Sila Gurmen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Shoppers anxiously await for Prime Day, but advertisers should approach it as more than a deals shopping event. Thinking ahead to next year’s Prime Day, you can plan strategies to reach Prime members before and during Prime Day as they research and shop deals. And your strategy needs to extend after Prime Day as shoppers continue to browse and shop for products on Amazon.

1. Before Prime Day (2–3 weeks): Promote your deals and brand to researching audiences.

The weeks leading up to Prime Day is the time to showcase the value of your promoted products and brand to audiences actively researching products. This will help make your promoted products and deals even more discoverable and increase the likelihood of selling your deals on the day of the event. You can also use this time to optimize your campaign inputs, such as audiences and keyword strategies, so that your campaigns are running at maximum performance on Prime Day.

2. On Prime Day: Reach brand-aware audiences who may be more likely to purchase your products.

On Prime Day, you can turn on additional advertising tactics to help maximize reach amongst audiences that have already been exposed to your ads. For example, you can remarket to audiences that visited your product detail pages before Prime Day to stay top of mind on the day of the event. This helps to remain top of mind with an audience who is already within your consideration set.

3. After Prime Day (2+ weeks): Reengage your audiences at scale.

You can reengage your Prime Day audiences that continue to visit Amazon to browse and shop products even after Prime Day. During this time, you can promote complementary products to your existing audiences or reach new audiences who didn’t purchase your products during Prime Day.

These are just a few of the ways you can make the most out of Prime Day. Sign in to get started.