What’s new with Amazon DSP: November 2020

December 15, 2020 | By Kelly Kupers, Product Marketing Program Manager

We’ve introduced several new features within Amazon DSP to help you engage customers and more easily manage your campaigns. Here’s what we rolled out in November 2020.

Supply quality

Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) - custom predicts

Amazon DSP now supports ODC’s custom predicts. Predicts is a contextual targeting feature that allows brands to capitalize on trending content and the associated inventory in real time, driving greater relevancy and reach. Predicts helps advertisers achieve their reach goals by dynamically expanding static keyword based targeting segments in real time on a daily basis, and receiving impressions as the conversation evolves. This feature is available worldwide for standard display, mobile app, and video line items running on third-party supply sources.

DoubleVerify - Custom contextual

Amazon DSP now supports DoubleVerify’s (DV) custom contextual targeting product. This feature is available worldwide for standard display, mobile app, and video line items running on third-party supply sources. By enabling pre-bid targeting, you can contextually target supply based on DV’s categorization.

DoubleVerify’s custom contextual targeting solution enables advertisers to leverage DV’s ontological (relationship between set of categories or concepts) and brand safety expertise to drive more effective contextual campaigns. DV supports contextual categories that reach Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories, behavioral supplemental categories, seasonal categories, and customized brand-specific categories.


Bid Strategies for Amazon DSP self-service orders

You can now choose a bid strategy for newly created orders. You can choose “while spending full budget and maximize performance” or “maximize performance." If you choose “While spending full budget, maximize performance," the Amazon DSP bidding algorithms give first priority to budget delivery and second priority to campaign performance. This has been the default bid strategy for current orders. If you choose "maximize performance," the Amazon DSP bidding algorithms give priority to campaign performance. When using this bid strategy, you should monitor and adjust your bid amounts for best performance and budget delivery. Click here to learn more about how to use these bid strategies.

New goal and optimization section for Amazon DSP orders

Amazon DSP orders now have a new section that consolidates both goal KPI selection and all available automated optimization capabilities. You can quickly select your campaign objective and the goal KPI you use to measure it. Based on those selections, available optimization capabilities show with a simple one-click option to enable. You can now easily select “Bid optimization models," removing the need to select an “optimization type” on each line item.

PMP deal troubleshooting

Advertisers in US, CA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, and IN can now troubleshoot deal delivery issues using the deals detail page. You can find this page by selecting a deal in the Deals page. You can view all line items associated with a deal, reasons why line items did not bid, and the percentage of the deal’s bid requests affected for each reason. You can also increase the bid rate of the deal by modifying line item settings based on the reason of missed bid opportunities. With this launch, you can now analyze under-delivering deals and take corrective actions to increase delivery.