What’s new with Amazon DSP

September 17, 2020 | By Kelly Kupers, Product Marketing Program Manager

We’ve introduced several new features in the Amazon DSP to help you engage customers and more easily manage your campaigns. Here’s what we rolled out in August 2020.

Fire TV

Fire TV feature rotator bidding available in beta for non-guaranteed placement

Fire TV now offers bid pricing for non-guaranteed delivery in feature rotator for managed advertisers in the US. In addition, you can now bid a CPM for inventory available on the Home tab, which are new placements available to advertisers. These ads will run in rotation and advertisers can reach relevant audience segments and also apply frequency caps. Only entertainment advertisers are eligible to use Fire TV feature rotator bidding.


Responsive e-commerce creative now supports advertiser-provided brand logos and headlines

You can now customize responsive e-commerce creative with brand logos and headlines. This enables you to upload an image (600px by 100px minimum, 1MB max) as the brand logo. You can add brand logos and headlines to new or existing ad units and view the creative preview on the right-hand panel of “Creative settings.” Note that the same brand logo and headline will be used across all products and sizes on a single responsive e-commerce creative unit. Responsive e-commerce creative is available in US, CA, MX, UK, FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, and AU.

Optimization tactics

Video completion rate goal KPI

Budget optimization now supports the video completion rate goal KPI (available worldwide for all new and existing orders). When advertisers select the video completion rate for an order, budget automatically shifts to line items that maximize video completion rates.

Budget optimization


Bulks sheets for DSP campaign management now available in beta

Bulk sheets enable US advertisers to create and update standard display line items and associate creatives in bulk. You can access the bulk sheets dashboard within the "Bulk actions" menu under the "Bulk import" tab in campaign management. You can import or export line items under a single order, advertiser, or across multiple advertisers. Additionally, you can access the 20 most recent files to download or reuse. Contact your account team to activate the bulk sheets feature.

Supply quality

Oracle Data Cloud standard brand safety

Amazon DSP supports pre-bid content filtering using the Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) standard brand safety avoidance categories. This feature is available worldwide for standard display and video line items running on third-party supply sources. By enabling pre-bid brand safety targeting, you can de-target supply that Oracle Data Cloud deems brand unsafe and align pre-bid and post-impression measurement methodologies.

Pre-bid brand safety targeting is supported only on third-party supply. For more information, refer to this article on third-party pre-bid targeting.


Interest audiences launched in US

Campaigns in the US can now use interest audiences, which helps drive awareness of your brand among audiences that show an interest related to your product. These audiences are prefixed as "LS - Interested in" and are available through audience picker in the "Line items" page under the "Lifestyle" tab.

New tab for Amazon custom-built audiences

A new tab labeled "Custom-built" provides easier access to audiences that you have built based on specified Amazon shopping or streaming signals. These audiences were previously included in the "in-market" audiences tab. After navigating to the audience selector and clicking the "Custom-built" tab, you can click “Add” to include these audiences on a new line item. This new tab for is available in all locales where Amazon DSP is available.