Build your brand with Amazon Ads and Shutterstock by unlocking the power of images

December 14, 2022

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With Amazon Ads and Shutterstock, businesses can now simplify the process of getting high-quality visuals for their ads.

Images matter. They can help bring to life your brand’s values, tell your brand’s story, or show how your products can fit into your customers’ lives. According to research from the Havas Group, 66% of consumers want more meaningful experiences with brands.1 Across all business types and categories, the use of rich visual creatives aids in building these connections by showing them what’s important to you.

Studies have shown that people are 65% more likely to remember information when it is coupled with an image.2 And in an era in which consumers are flooded with information, ad creative can help produce a compelling and memorable experience that sets your brand apart and keep it top of mind when consumers are ready to purchase. Indeed, a research study from Kantar demonstrates the power of creative, finding that it accounts for 49% of driving ROI.3

Amazon Ads and Shutterstock collaborate to bring high-quality custom creatives to Amazon advertisers

To help Amazon Ads marketers drive performance and enhance their brand presence, Amazon Ads and Shutterstock are now providing advertisers in the US with free and easy access to Shutterstock’s library of more than 390 million high-quality licensed assets. Advertisers can access the images directly within the Amazon Ads console4 using the creative assets application to search and browse for creative that meets their brand’s needs. For example, images that represent advertisers’ brand values (e.g., recycling, handmade products), images that show customers and their lifestyle (e.g., runners, family reunions), or images that relate to seasonality or key shopping events (e.g., winter decor, everyday shopping, gifts).

Every asset in the Shutterstock library is reviewed for design quality and technical execution to ensure high standards, and we’re seeing positive impact of creative on campaign performance. For instance, for ads shown off Amazon in the US, advertisers who used custom images across their Sponsored Display campaigns saw on average a 29% increase in product detail page view rate, compared to those who didn’t.5

Both vendors and sellers who are registered for advertising will have free access to Shutterstock’s collection of high-quality licensed photographs that can be used across placements in Sponsored Display and Stores.

Example of stock image that brands can add to their ads: man and women at Indian wedding.
Example of stock image that brands can add to their ads: Man playing musical instrument at a bamboo made product's store

Examples of Shutterstock images that brands can add to their ads. License these images via IVASHstudio and Mbuso Sydwell Nkosi.

Example of stock image that brands can add to their ads: Women collecting produce from a farm

Example of Shutterstock image that brands can add to their ads. License this image via Joshua Resnick.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit the creative assets application within the Amazon Ads console.
  • Click on “Search stock assets”.
  • Creative asset page on Amazon Ads console
  • Enter the keyword related to the theme you are searching for.
  • Searching stock assets
  • Choose your preferred assets and save them to your creative assets, and implement them across your ad campaigns and Stores.
  • Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands and Stores

With this integration, small and medium businesses that may not have the resources to build creative assets now have an easy way to infuse stunning visuals into their ads. And thanks to Shutterstock’s worldwide network with more than 2 million contributors from more than 150 countries worldwide, advertisers can create engaging, authentic, and diverse ads that can make their brand, value proposition, and product offerings stand out globally.

Meet Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a global creative platform for transformative brands and media companies, with a growing community of more than 2 million contributors who add hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and music each week.

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4 To access the Amazon Ads console, please register for Amazon Ads.
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