Are you ready to advertise? Start with these 4 steps

FEBRUARY 26, 2018

By Dora Wang
Content Marketing Manager

Advertising on Amazon can be a powerful tool in your selling strategy as a seller or vendor, working to increase your product visibility, build your brand audience, and drive sales on Amazon.

To help maximize your success, it’s important to start advertising at the right time with the right preparation. That’s why we’ve published new guides for vendors and sellers who are considering advertising on (sellers | vendors) or (sellers | vendors). These guides will help you determine when you’re ready to start promoting your products, and how you can fully realize the benefits.

Here’s a preview of your first four steps:

1) Check eligibility

If you’re a vendor, you must be active in Vendor Central, Vendor Express, Advantage Central, or Kindle Direct Publishing.

If you’re a seller, you must have an active professional seller account, be able to ship to all US addresses if you’re advertising on or all CA addresses if you’re advertising on, and have products in one or more of the eligible categories.

2) Determine what products you want to advertise

Advertise products that can help you accomplish your goals. Make sure to consider product pricing and availability, because your ad won’t display if the products aren’t winning the Featured Offer or are out of stock.

3) Audit your retail pages

Check your product detail pages. Do they have…

  • Accurate, descriptive titles?
  • High-quality images?
  • Relevant and useful product information?
  • At least 5 bullet points?

The primary destination for shoppers who click on your ad will be your product detail page, and a strong product detail page helps convert clicks into sales.

4) Get started with Sponsored Products

You have multiple options for advertising on Amazon, including Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads). We recommend starting out with Sponsored Products to best set yourself up for success.

Sponsored Products let you promote individual listings to shoppers as they’re searching and browsing items to buy. Key benefits include:

  • Ads are targeted to keywords.
  • Ads appear within search results and on product detail pages, across desktop and mobile. You pay only when your ad is clicked.
  • You choose how much you’re willing to spend.

We recommend launching multiple Sponsored Products campaigns that use a combination of automatic and manual targeting. This approach lets you discover keywords that are generating clicks and sales and optimize spend.

Want to know how to set up your first ad campaign? There are a few ways you can give your campaign a leg up from the start. Our guides will walk you step-by-step through the process.

Check out the full guides for and vendors, and and sellers.