Sponsored Display beta launches in new countries

OCTOBER 31, 2019

By Lynly Schambers-Lenox
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

We’re excited to announce that Sponsored Display is now available to vendors who sell on Amazon in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, and Canada. Sponsored Display, which launched in beta in the US earlier this year, is a self-service advertising solution that helps you grow your business by reaching audiences relevant for your brand or product.

With Sponsored Display, you can increase awareness and demand for your products by reaching the right audiences for your business based on relevant shopping signals. Engage shoppers who showed interest in categories related to your promoted ASIN or by targeting select products or categories on Amazon. You can quickly build Sponsored Display with creatives that are customizable, auto-generated, and then optimized for performance.

With this launch, advertisers and their agencies will now access Product Display Ads interest and product targeting features within Sponsored Display through the advertising console. All Product Display Ads campaigns are now part of Sponsored Display—no additional action is required.

This is the first step towards enabling you to reach relevant audiences across the shopper journey using display advertising that is easy to create and manage. We anticipate releasing additional features that enable you to reengage shoppers both on and off Amazon within the above marketplaces. We also plan to add support for creation of Sponsored Display campaigns through the Amazon Advertising API.

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