Provide customers with an added benefit for selecting your card product this holiday season

September 17, 2020

By Nadine Viegas
Sr. Vertical Marketer

1-Click ordering places Amazon customers’ orders automatically so they can skip the shopping cart, simplifying their shopping experience.

When customers select “Buy now with 1-Click” on any product page, their order will be automatically placed using the billing and shipping information associated with their 1-Click settings. This not only enables faster checkout, but automatically puts all 1-Click purchases on the card they’ve chosen.

With 1-Click advertising promotions, financial services companies can offer customers an added benefit for selecting their brand’s card as their 1-Click payment method.

How do 1-Click promotions work?

Through Amazon Advertising’s 1-Click promotions, financial services brands can help increase their card usage on Amazon by offering shoppers a promotion (e.g., $10 off at Amazon) for choosing their bank’s card as their 1-Click payment method. Customers see an immediate benefit in the form of a promotional offer, and advertisers have seen both short-term and long-term impact on card usage. In the three months following 1-Click campaigns, more than two thirds of selected cards remain the main payment method.1 Additionally, the simplicity of checkout on a single card can increase spend on that card by up to 3.4X.2

Maximize impact with a pre-event strategy

By enabling 1-Click, customers browsing during shopping events, like Prime Day, can seamlessly shop the volume of deals available on Amazon. Advertisers have also seen success from implementing a 1-Click promotion in the months leading up to Amazon shopping peaks, like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Last year, a banking advertiser worked with Amazon Advertising to implement a two-pronged strategy around Prime Day. They used Amazon’s shopping insights to reach and engage new audiences, and a 1-Click promotion to encourage card usage among these shoppers prior to Prime Day. As a result, the advertiser saw both aggregated 1-Click usage, and average year-over-year usage, exceed campaign goals by 25%.3

As you think about your holiday strategy, consider planning a 1-Click promotion as early as 2-3 months out to ensure availability leading in to holiday peaks.

For more information on 1-Click promotions and Amazon Advertising’s custom solutions, reach out to your Amazon Advertising team or contact us to get started.

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