Samsung debuts smartphones to millions with Twitch livestreams and Prime Video Live Sports campaigns in Italy

Updated on November 10, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

Samsung Galaxy creative fest cover

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Samsung Electronics launched the latest version of their flagship smartphone series, the Samsung Galaxy S22, in February 2022. With this launch, Samsung Italy wanted to make a big splash with shoppers. The team wished to introduce their latest product to a large audience, especially prospective customers like Millennials, Gen Z adults (18+), tech enthusiasts, and mobile filmmakers.

Thinking big, the Samsung Italy team was inspired to work with Amazon Ads to develop a marketing strategy to help the brand engage with a larger audience and ultimately try and generate sales for their new Galaxy S22 smartphone. Samsung Italy was interested in trying something new that they hadn’t done before with their marketing campaigns such as launching campaigns on Twitch, creating commercials with Prime Video Live Sports, and using Amazon video ads.

“Our main campaign goal was to increase reach and awareness of our smartphone for adult Gen Z and Millennial shoppers during the product launch,” said Giuseppe Lucio Russo, Channel Marketing Manager at Samsung Electronics Italy. “We wanted to surprise our shoppers in a new environment, creating engagement and buzz with our brand-new products. Moreover, we also wanted to use the solutions of Amazon Ads to help us build consideration and conversion with shoppers in the Amazon store. That was an important goal for us too.”

Samsung Italy was looking for ad solutions and channels to help them reach and interact with the next generation of smartphone users: young adults. Therefore, elevating brand perception was important for their campaign, as they wanted to position the Samsung brand as premium and innovative, based on the latest products developed for a tech-savvy generation of smartphone users.

Samsung Galaxy Creative Fest CKibe

Samsung Italy Galaxy S22's products were highlighted on Twitch creator CKibe's livestream during the Galaxy Creative Fest.

Promoting a product launch through livestreaming

Since Samsung Italy was looking to introduce their new smartphone to a younger adult audience, they worked with the Amazon Ads team to develop a Twitch marketing campaign to help showcase the Samsung Galaxy S22’s latest features. With the help of Amazon Ads, Samsung Italy launched their new Galaxy S22 series through a six-hour streaming event on Twitch called “Galaxy Creative Fest” on February 9, 2022.

The event was headlined by three popular Italian Twitch creators. The creators each unveiled a Samsung Galaxy product from the S22 product line—S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra—to their individual communities.

“Each Twitch creator—CKibe, Kodomo, and JodyJDC—developed their own original take on an unboxing video live on Twitch where they highlighted the features of the product with their community,” Russo said.

Each Twitch creator’s livestream delivered an experience that was authentic to their brand and tailored to the interests of their community. To start, CKibe guided her fans through the process of creating digital artwork. Kodomo turned her livestream into a digital photography master class. And JodyJDC closed the streaming event by transforming descriptions of the Galaxy S22 smartphone and its features into song lyrics. He not only sang those lyrics, but he also played some of his musical hits on his channel that he had performed in earlier that month during a popular Italian music festival.

During the livestreams, audiences were able to ask questions in the Twitch chat and discuss the Samsung products. Additionally, the three livestreams helped guide audiences to the Samsung website where shoppers could explore, learn, and purchase the brand’s products.

Twitch audiences are exactly the ‘hard to reach’ young adults we were looking to engage during this flagship livestream launch,” Russo said. “Our goals were to position the Samsung Galaxy S22 as the perfect device for customers’ needs and raise brand perception of Samsung for this young adult audience.”

Additionally, the Amazon Ads team ran a full-funnel campaign involving not just customized solutions on Twitch, but also live sports commercials on Prime Video during Europe’s league of the national champions and launching a 24-hour Amazon Homepage Takeover on Amazon Italy (, which provided Samsung with a standard banner ad with guaranteed delivery. The Amazon Ads team also used Amazon video and display ads to help connect traffic to the Amazon Italy store customized landing page built for the Samsung Galaxy S22 product line, as well as display solution linking traffic to the Samsung Galaxy S22 product detail page with a goal of conversion.

Samsung Galaxy Creative Fest HH

Galaxy Creative Fest was promoted on the Twitch homepage.

Reaching audiences and generating results

The full-funnel activation was a “major success,” the Samsung Italy team said. The six-hour product launch livestreams were a first-of-its-kind campaign for Samsung Italy. During Samsung Italy’s product launch, which was hosted across the three Twitch creators’ channels livestreams, the event had 153K unique viewers, 767K minutes were watched, and 7.6K chat messages were sent on Twitch.2 And the total Twitch impressions for the overall campaign were 12M with 2.3M unique users.2

The live sports commercials during Europe’s league of the national champions delivered 1.6M impressions (+16% vs. estimated).3

The Amazon DSP activation delivered 96.6M impressions and reached 15M unique users.4 The campaign drove 1.5M detail page views, with a detail-page-view rate of 1.61% vs. the 1.23% benchmark. Ultimately, the campaign generated sales across the mobile experience division with a ROAS of 17.5

“Amazon Ads products helped us at Samsung Italy to really generate a complete strategy and integrate a full-funnel launch plan. From awareness with Twitch, Amazon video ads, and live sports to consideration and conversion, thanks to lower-funnel Amazon DSP and ad spend tactics, we were able to reach our goals and connect with a wider audience,” Russo said.

This October, Samsung Italy will be speaking on how to reach and engage customers at Amazon Ads’ unBoxed 2022 conference. During the conference, attendees will hear from brands, agency partners, and Amazon Ads leaders on ways to grow their business.

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