Reach new audiences with Twitch and Amazon Advertising

September 8, 2020

In today’s digital world, consumers have come to expect personalized and highly engaging branded content. As more and more of our everyday experiences and interactions move online, brands need to work even harder just to keep up. To help brands meet these heightened expectations, and reach younger and highly engaged consumers, we’re bringing together the best of Twitch and Amazon Advertising.

Starting today, we are rolling out new capabilities for Twitch and Amazon advertisers globally. Twitch video and display media, as well as new Twitch audiences, are now available for inclusion in Amazon Advertising campaigns, and Amazon audiences are available for inclusion in Twitch campaigns.

We’re delighted to share that we are combining Twitch’s hard-to-reach and highly engaged audiences with Amazon Advertising’s integrated full-funnel advertising offering. Now, advertisers can put customers at the center of their strategy—meeting them wherever they are in the customer journey. Brands running Amazon Advertising campaigns can address the diverse interests of the Twitch community through Twitch video and display ad products. Advertising on Twitch will now have the added benefit of Amazon Advertising’s unique audience insights and measurement for their campaigns.

We’re excited to offer these new capabilities and the opportunity to better serve brands with Twitch and Amazon Advertising.

Be a part of the community and the conversation with Amazon Advertising and Twitch.

Not all offerings will be available in all locales. Please contact us or reach out to your Amazon Advertising or Twitch Account Representative for details.