“We’re looking for authenticity”: Outconsumer on how brands can connect with Twitch audiences

Twitch creator Roc Massaguer, also known by the username Outconsumer.

April 22, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

Roc Massaguer has always loved videogames. And as a journalist for more than 15 years, he also loves interacting with people. But when his family and friends weren’t interested in talking about videogames, he started looking online for a community that shared his enthusiasm.

“I wanted to find an audience who I could talk to about gaming. That’s what initially drew me to Twitch,” he said during a fireside chat with Sara Pastor, Sales Director of Spain Twitch, at Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona, Spain, from February 28 through March 3.

Since starting his Twitch channel five years ago, Massaguer, who goes by the username Outconsumer, has expanded his content beyond gameplay. Nowadays, his livestreams are about videogames, sports, news, and life.

“I thought Twitch was really neat because of the way creators could interact with viewers,” he said. In the session, Massaguer shared how he was able to build his audience on Twitch and how brands can do the same by collaborating with Twitch creators.

Roc Massaguer, Outconsumer chats with Sara Pastor, Sales Director of Spain Twitch, at Mobile World Congress

Twitch creator Roc Massaguer and Sara Pastor, Sales Director of Spain Twitch, discuss ways brands can connect with audiences at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Building a community online

Massaguer isn’t new to creating content online. He’s been sharing digital content across online channels for more than 10 years and is considered one of the pioneers of the gaming world in Spain.1 But what drew Massaguer to Twitch was its passionate communities. On Twitch, Massaguer could connect with an engaged audience and build a community around shared interest.

“What I like about livestreaming on Twitch is that it didn’t feel like a job. I already have a job. Instead, it felt like I was sharing a part of myself with a community and that community was following me based on my interests, passions, and personality –not just my content,” he said. That type of support from the Twitch community gave Massaguer the freedom and confidence to share more of his experiences while livestreaming. It also encouraged him to experiment on his channel with content that went beyond videogaming.

What has helped Massaguer grow his channel and create brand loyalty with his audience is reengaging viewers through shared stories, experiences, and history. For example, when he is livestreaming he may talk about a previous stream he did on Twitch, or memes that he and his community have shared, and audiences who have been watching him for years will understand the reference. That acknowledgement of shared experiences has helped Massaguer create stronger bonds with his community.

“That shared experience makes people feel like they belong,” he said.

One of the most important strategies Massaguer used to help him build his community and brand is focusing on authenticity. “When we go to the internet, we’re looking for authenticity. We’re looking for content that we can identify with. Online, we’re looking for something that we cannot find in mainstream media, whether it's the format, the content, the themes, or the experiences,” Massaguer said.

How authenticity can help brands collaborate with content creators

Being authentic with his community has also informed the types of brands Massaguer collaborates with on his Twitch channel. In order to stay true to himself and his audience, Massaguer works with brands that align with his values and lifestyle. “If I can’t see myself using a product in my day-to-day life, I don’t take those brand deals,” he said, adding that when brands work with content creators, they are also working to build relationships with creators’ audiences.

In order to build trust and brand loyalty with online communities, Massaguer said brands and creators should work together to create authentic experiences for audiences. “If a brand just wants views, they can go through traditional media options to get those views. However, if they want to connect with the audience creators have built a relationship with, then brands should work collaboratively with creators to deliver an authentic experience that will resonate with their unique audiences,” he said.

For example, Massaguer recently completed a branded campaign where he livestreamed gameplay of a videogame he truly enjoyed playing, and his audience also enjoyed watching the content. “It was a perfect campaign. Everyone liked the videogame and watching the livestream, and it was paid content.

The brand and I had a common goal which was to showcase the videogame and its multiplayer functionality to audiences,” he said. Some of the most successful brand campaigns are the ones where the brand trusts the creator to deliver a great experience for their audience, he added.

Reaching audiences where they already are can help build awareness

“From my point of view, the new marketing experience is not about interrupting the conversation, rather it’s about joining the conversation,” Massaguer said. “Therefore, I always try to make the brand a part of the conversation I’m already having with my audience. I believe that can help create an authentic experience.”

A common mistake Massaguer said he sees from brands is that some only want to work with content creators with the biggest followings. However, many of these brands are not familiar with these creators’ content, he added, and as such could lead to misaligned messaging and possibly an unsuccessful campaign.

“For me, I can’t promote something I don’t know or something I don’t regularly talk about. For example, I wouldn’t be a good match for promoting a new movie because I never talk about movies with my audience,” he said.

For brands that have never worked with Twitch, Massaguer recommended brands get familiar with the livestreaming experience. By watching livestreams, learning about Twitch communities, and exploring the content Twitch creators are making, brands can be better positioned to launch successful campaigns on Twitch, he said.

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