New Year, New You: How brands can reach shoppers who have made health and wellness resolutions

February 09, 2022 | By Matt Miller, Sr. Copywriter

Whether it’s carving out more time to hop on the treadmill or maintaining a healthier lifestyle—a majority of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions choose to focus on their health and wellness.1 And the early months of a new year can be an important time for health and wellness brands to reach shoppers who are working toward new personal goals.

According to a recent survey of Amazon shoppers, 60% of customers are planning to buy a health and wellness product to support a New Year’s resolution, and 31% are willing to try a new brand at the start of 2022 as part of this resolution.2 This means health and wellness brands may have a great opportunity to connect with consumers in Q1 who are looking for products to help them make their New Year’s resolution a success.

As the sweat starts flying, here are some tips for health and wellness brands to better reach customers looking to achieve their goals for a “New Year, New You,” as the saying goes.

Physical health is a top priority for customers in 2022

The events of the last two years have inspired many consumers to be more aware of their health and wellness, and 64% of adults in the US say they are more conscious about their physical health than ever before.3 In 2021, an increasing number of consumers said they would use vitamins and mineral supplements to improve their health.4 Additionally, more adults are using fitness trackers like a smart watch or wristband to keep tabs on their physical health—in the past five years, the number of global consumers who own one of these devices has increased by 12%.5

In 2020, $5.6 billion US dollars was spent on fitness equipment for home use in the US.6 And, in 2021, four in five households in the US owned one or more home fitness products. This marked a significant spike in home fitness equipment sales, according to Statista. From workout equipment to vitamins and smart devices, consumers are interested in a wide range of products to support their health and wellness goals. Brands can use Amazon Ads products like Streaming TV ads, audio ads, and Amazon DSP to help build awareness and expand reach during these early months of the year, when more consumers are likely to be browsing health and wellness products.

It’s important for brands to connect with shoppers in Q1

With so many shoppers looking for products to support their health and wellness New Year’s resolutions, it can be important for brands to try to connect with these customers in January through March. More consumers are shopping for health and wellness products in Amazon’s store in the first quarter of the year.7 And 65% of these shoppers are browsing more than one product early in the year, with a 13% increase in the number of new to category health and wellness customers in Q1 compared to other quarters.8 These early year sales can also turn into long-lasting relationships with consumers. A majority of customers in the health and wellness categories are likely to make a second purchase. New customers reached in Q1 of 2021 spent at least 2.85 times more than one-time purchasers in health and wellness brands.9 That is why it can be important for brands to consider the long-term impacts of connecting with shoppers at the beginning of the year.

How brands can connect with health and wellness shoppers

As part of a strategy to connect with shoppers looking for products to support their New Year’s resolutions, brands may want to consider building trust through storytelling, staying top of mind with customers as they browse for products, and maintaining relationships that drive brand loyalty. Research showed that 59% of health and wellness shoppers on Amazon said that Amazon Ads helped them discover new brands in the category.10 In fact, Amazon Ads has found that the more advertising solutions brands use, the more likely they are to remain memorable for shoppers.11 For example, brands that used Streaming TV ads and Amazon DSP together saw a 40% higher purchase rate than those that only used one solution.12 Brands that implemented a multi-goal strategy saw a 1.5x lift in new-to-brand shoppers, a 2.6x lift in consideration, and a 3.8x lift in conversion.13 Using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display can help brands stand out and reach more shoppers.

By taking steps to better reach customers early in the year, brands can help make shoppers’ fitness goals and hard work pay off.

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