New Sponsored Products targeting options

AUGUST 22, 2019

By Emma Leech
Marketing Program Manager

We’ve made a few updates to Sponsored Products automatic targeting and product targeting to help you maximize your campaign results. These updates include new adjustments and refinements that will help you to reach the most relevant audiences.

Updates to automatic targeting

With Sponsored Products automatic targeting, there are four different match types:

  1. Close match
  2. Loose match
  3. Substitutes
  4. Complements

With close match and loose match, your ad will be eligible to be shown in the shopping results if your product matches the shopping query closely or loosely, respectively. With substitutes and complements, your ad will be shown to shoppers who view the detail pages of products that are similar to or complement your products, respectively.

You can now adjust these four match types at any point during campaign setup or after you launch your campaign. Turn different match types on or off, or bid up or down, depending on your campaign goals.

Updates to product targeting

With product targeting, you can improve the relevance of your ads by targeting single products or categories, which you can then refine by brand, price, or star rating. Now, our shipping eligibility feature also allows you to target products based on whether they’re eligible for Prime shipping. What’s more, if you’re targeting a book or eBook, you can now target specific genres, and if you’re targeting the toys category, you can refine by age range.

Learn more about Sponsored Products targeting or contact your Amazon Ads account representative.

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These features are currently unavailable in Australia.