How Twitch and Fire TV helped LG drive awareness for its new OLED TVs in Italy

LG Oled TV

April 25, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

The TV industry is rapidly evolving as smart TV sales continue to surge globally. Smart TVs accounted for more than 200 million-unit sales around the world in 2019.1 By 2025, estimates suggest that this yearly total could climb to as high as 266 million units, as smart capabilities become increasingly standard in newer television products.2

In Italy, in particular, the TV industry is on the precipice of a significant shift. This year, the country is switching its national DTT network, which means the technology that once enabled television signals to broadcast over the air to be picked up by antenna is now changing, according to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.3 As a result, TV networks like Italian public broadcaster RAI are planning to fully switch to a new generation of digital signals and protocols, according to reports. That means older TV models will not support updated programming for Italian consumers.4

Considering this technological shift, LG Electronics’ team in Italy wanted to reach consumers who may be considering purchasing a new TV. LG Electronics, the South Korean technology company, recently launched a new OLED TV and wanted to highlight why this new product could be ideal for Italian consumers’ needs.

LG wanted to showcase their new smart TV’s innovative display and motion quality to help drive awareness and consideration at launch. Therefore, LG Italy teamed up with Amazon Ads to develop a multi-solution, full-funnel strategy that used Twitch, Fire TV, and other advertising solutions to help them reach and engage with audiences in Italy.

“Our decision to create a comprehensive advertising plan with Amazon Ads that used a wide array of placements and assets was important for us because we wanted to educate audiences about our new product,” said Alessandro Zearo, Home Entertainment Marketing Manager with LG Electronics Italy.

LG Italy's OLED TV commercial

Creating a dynamic strategy

As gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment globally, LG Italy activated a dedicated video campaign on Twitch featuring branded content that showcased the power of its new OLED TV in a gaming environment. The campaign highlighted the ways the product could help audiences with its deep black, reactive panels, and precise details.

“Gaming is increasing as a hobby for many consumers worldwide, so we wanted to create a campaign that resonated with a passionate gaming audience by using Twitch advertising solutions. We also wanted to develop a strategy with Fire TV that connected with families and hard-to-reach audiences,” said Carlo Viola, an Amazon Ads Account Manager who worked with the LG Italy team to help launch the multi-solution campaign.

“We wanted to create the pillars of a full-funnel campaign,” Zearo said. “On Twitch, we wanted to connect with young adult audiences like Gen Z and Millennial gamers, which could help us position our OLED TV as one of the best gaming TVs catering to all their needs.”

The brand also wanted to highlight the TV’s benefits for watching sports. LG Italy and Amazon Ads knew that sports, especially football, are important in Italian culture, so they wanted to leverage the UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group Stage matches to launch a campaign on Prime Video to help reach sports consumers and let them know about OLED TV.

“The UEFA Champions’ League matches were a key moment to spread this message and reach interested audiences,” Viola said.

The Amazon Ads team helped LG Italy launch a TV commercial on Prime Video during the UCL tournament. Additionally, the team activated a Fire TV Inline banner, which was live for 10 days during the same time as the UCL commercials, to help reach audiences who didn’t already own premium smart TVs.

“With the Fire TV activation, we aimed to reach light TV viewers and educate them on the benefits of switching to LG’s new OLED TV, which provides clear picture quality and smart TV features, and allows them to watch and explore their passions to the fullest,” Zearo said.

Displaying the results

The multi-solution, full-funnel activation delivered strong results. The Twitch campaign had a 0.22% clickthrough rate, which was higher than the 0.17% benchmark. Additionally, the Twitch Premium Video activation had a video completion rate of 84.8%, which was higher than the 75% benchmark. This campaign, together with the Twitch Homepage Headliner activation, helped LG Italy deliver 2.2 million impressions.5

For the Streaming TV campaign, the UCL commercials delivered 2.6 million impressions, which was 53% higher than the benchmark, exceeding expectations for LG Italy and Amazon Ads.6

Finally, Fire TV outperformed in every KPI. The campaign delivered 2.1 million impressions and reached 655,000 unique users. It also delivered a 0.5% clickthrough rate, which exceeded the 0.25% benchmark.7

“We completed the funnel with more traditional activations using display and sponsored ads that helped us reach and outperform our goals wherever customers spent their time,” Zearo said. Overall, the LG Italy team said the multi-solution strategy was a success.

LG Italy's OLED TV commercial

“Working with Amazon Ads enabled us to deploy an innovative and engaging marketing strategy to promote LG OLED TV so that we could better reach and engage Italian audiences,” Zearo said.

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