Product targeting available for US sellers on Sponsored Display

APRIL 2, 2020

By Nina Brentlinger
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

We’ve released new Sponsored Display product targeting capabilities for US sellers. With these features, now available in Seller Central, you can promote product discovery with ads that reach shoppers who are actively browsing similar or complementary products and categories on Amazon, and access more campaign controls and reporting metrics to make your performance advertising strategy work more efficiently. A modified version of Sponsored Display product targeting is also available for vendors worldwide. Sponsored Display is currently available in beta.

Sponsored Display product targeting helps you build awareness among shoppers considering similar or complementary products and categories with ad placements that appear alongside customer reviews, shopping results pages, or on the far right side of product detail pages. And product targeting ads are enabled with deals and savings badges so shoppers can more easily spot special offers.

What does this mean for you? Here are four ways that Sponsored Display product targeting can help you grow your business:

1. Promote product discovery

Let’s say you sell running shoes. You might choose product targeting to build awareness among shoppers who are actively browsing a similar shoe’s product detail page, or focus your efforts on reaching shoppers in the broader women’s shoes category.

2. Reach like-minded audiences

You might also use product targeting to drive consideration among shoppers who view specific product pages that are complementary to running. For example, you might try using Sponsored Display product targeting ads to reach shoppers who are browsing for running shorts.

3. Promote relevant add-ons

Similarly, Sponsored Display product targeting can help you quickly and easily surface other relevant offerings to shoppers. If you also sell socks, product targeting placements on your shoe's product detail page makes it easy for shoppers to add a pair of socks to their cart with just a few clicks.

4. Stay top of mind

No matter what strategy you pursue, product targeting often contributes to higher product detail page views—and more page views means a larger audience to engage through remarketing. To help stay top of mind among audiences who discovered your product thanks to product targeting, we recommend pairing product targeting with Sponsored Display views.1

Sponsored Display views gives you the ability to remarket to audiences who viewed a product detail page but haven’t yet purchased. Since Sponsored Display views campaigns reach audiences wherever they spend time, using both product and views targeting within Sponsored Display can help you engage with shoppers wherever they are in their purchasing journey. With recent research suggesting that just 4% of online shoppers convert to purchase immediately2, reaching audiences across multiple channels is increasingly important.

Tip: The size of your remarketing audience is dependent on product detail page views, so we recommend prioritizing products with the most page views for view campaigns. For new products without many page views, consider using Sponsored Display product targeting to grow page views and increase your total potential remarketing audience before remarketing with Sponsored Display views.

This release brings product targeting to more advertisers, with enhanced options to reach audiences throughout the purchase journey.

As Courtney Macfarlane, Senior Specialist at Tinuiti, put it, “Sponsored Display product targeting aligns with our full-funnel advertising approach by empowering advertisers to drive incremental growth, brand awareness, and product consideration.”

Learn more about how product targeting within Sponsored Display can help you to promote product discovery and optimize your campaigns.

For more resources to navigate advertising challenges you may be facing during this time, please see our resources for sellers in Seller Central.

1. Available to sellers and vendors in the US.
2. Conversion rate of online shoppers on desktop in the United States as of third quarter of 2018, according to Monetate.