Introducing a new global website experience from Amazon Advertising

October 20, 2020

If you've visited the Amazon Advertising website lately, you might notice it's a little different now. We've updated into a single global website for advertisers in all countries.* So no matter where you advertise, you can learn about our full suite of solutions, find educational resources about our products, and sign in or register for advertising all in the same location.

Learn more about some of the features of the new global website:

A centralized experience

We work with advertisers around the world. For our increasingly global audience, we decided to evolve our website into a simpler, easier-to-use global experience. Whether you're advertising in one country or a dozen, you can use a single address——to sign in or register for advertising in all of those locations.

It's also easy to choose which language you're shown on the website. The language selector is available in the top right of the navigation, on every page, and gives you over a dozen languages to choose from. Just click on your preferred language and automatically translate the entire Amazon Advertising site.

Objective-based product selection

To help you quickly find what you need, the home page offers a menu where you can select the country you're advertising in and the objective you want to achieve. You'll be shown the advertising products that meet your criteria, and be able to visit pages to learn more about them—all without needing to leave the site. Each page also contains a chart that shows the countries where that product is offered, making it easy to know what is available to you.

A customizable collection of resources

If you want to deepen your understanding of our products, visit our library to access all of our educational resources, such as how-to guides about our advertising solutions, case studies that showcase your fellow advertisers' success stories, and webinars where you can learn directly from Amazon Advertising representatives. The library offers a series of filters that let you narrow down the materials based on country, advertising product, and more, so you can quickly sort and find the information you need.

To learn more or get started, visit

*Advertisers who are based in China are invited to visit, a localized website that is specifically tailored for the China-based advertising experience.