Introducing retail insights for advertisers

Updated November 24, 2018

Retail insights reporting from Amazon DSP provides advertisers with information on the comprehensive shopping activities of their products on Amazon before, during, and after advertising campaigns. Notably, retail insights reporting allows advertisers to find out how their products fit into their subcategory using key indexed retail health metrics such as organic search impressions, glance views, earned media, and conversion rates.

Once companies begin assessing their opportunities with the help of retail insights, they get started on growth. Examples of success stories from Amazon DSP users include Samsung’s increase in video completion rate, Casio’s increase in unique visitors, and Govee’s increase in sales.

With a view into retail performance during advertising and non-advertising time periods, advertisers can better measure and optimize their advertising campaigns. And that’s just the start. Once brands have begun looking at the retail insights for their ad campaigns, they can begin expanding into Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands.

Amazon DSP customers can generate a retail insights report for a campaign by going to the report center and selecting “New retail insights report (beta)” from the drop-down menu. There are two versions of this report, in Excel and PowerPoint formats. If you are an Amazon DSP customer, sign in and generate a report now. To learn more about retail insights, contact your Amazon Ads account executive or get in touch with an advertising representative.