The importance of brand storytelling

OCTOBER 2, 2019

By Amazon Advertising

Today, we hosted AdCon, a small gathering for sellers and vendors in Seattle, where we discussed brand building and ways to bring your story to life for customers.

Customers care about brands when making purchase decisions. In fact, 74% of consumers cited brand name as an important factor when selecting a product.1 And in today’s world, it’s more than just brand awareness and recall that matters—it’s about building connections. Because not only are customers engaging with brands in new ways, but they are also developing an affinity based on a brand’s story, what it stands for, and how they identify with it. From the athlete who bought a spin bike and now wears the brand’s apparel to show he’s part of their “tribe,” to the avid traveler who will spend more on transportation to ensure she’s supporting businesses whose company culture aligns with her core values, to the family who tags their favorite outdoor brand in photos of their hiking adventures, customers are inviting brands to be part of their daily lives. For marketers, this creates an important and open-ended opportunity.

Finding ways to tell your brand story is more critical today than ever before

Recent research conducted by McKinsey & Company found that brands in customers’ initial consideration set can be up to three times more likely to be purchased than brands that aren’t.2 To stand out within that consideration set, your brand likely needs to be more than a logo and tagline—it needs to tell a story.

Storytelling has power. Stories are sticky. Done right, your brand story will remain in customers’ minds far longer than the memory of the individual products they’ve purchased. And stories can be brought to life through a wide range of formats and mediums.

Starting the conversation

Whether through our free offerings, like Stores, a dedicated location on Amazon that provides you a canvas for curated content, rich media, and video; to Posts, a new beta product that helps customers discover products and brands through brand-curated feeds; to our paid advertising offerings, like Sponsored Brands video, a new creative format in beta, you have a multitude of options at your fingertips to help convey your brand story on Amazon and prompt emotional connections with your customers. We’ve designed these to be simple to use—so you can continuously refresh content and give customers a reason to come back and reengage with your brand—and they work harmoniously with Stores, the “home base” for your brand on Amazon.

We’re focused on building rich brand shopping experiences that drive long-term value for our advertising customers. This is an area where we, together with marketers, can delight shoppers and bring brands’ stories to life.– Colleen Aubrey, Vice President of Performance Advertising for Amazon Advertising

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to tell your story. If you have questions about how Amazon Advertising can help you build your brand, reach out to your account executive or visit our site to learn more.

1. The 2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior report, Feedvisor, June 2019.
2. McKinsey Quarterly, “The Consumer Decision Journey,” June 2019.