How good brand storytelling can transform the customer journey

July 15, 2021 | By: Matt Miller, Sr. Copywriter

Any great TV show or movie or book must start with a good story. The same could be said for a brand. As people, we can better connect with the world around us through the power of storytelling.

“At a very fundamental level, storytelling is beneficial, not only to the brand—it’s beneficial to the consumers, and that’s the more important part of why it matters,” Fan Jin, the Director and General Manager of Worldwide Advertising Creative at Amazon Ads, recently told us. “It gives a little more meaning to everyday life. And that makes for better brands and for happier customers.”

That is why, when it comes to engaging with customers, there’s more than just brand awareness that matters—it’s about weaving a compelling thread. Customers are engaging with brands in new ways, but they are also developing an affinity based on a brand’s story, what it stands for, and how they identify with it. From the athlete who bought a spin bike and now wears the brand’s apparel to show he’s part of their “tribe,” to the avid traveler who will spend more on transportation to ensure she’s supporting businesses whose company culture aligns with her core values, to the family who tags their favorite outdoor brand in photos of their hiking adventures, customers are inviting brands to be part of their daily lives. For marketers, this creates an important and open-ended opportunity.

Find a creative brand storytelling strategy

Last year, Merrick Pet Care evolved their Amazon Ads strategy into a full-funnel approach that began with brand storytelling. Merrick created their first brand Store in collaboration with the Amazon Ads design team. Merrick’s Store showcases their brands and products across dog, cat, and treats in an immersive shopping experience. The Store also highlights how Merrick supports shelters across the US, and collaborates with K9s For Warriors.

“The most interesting brands tell stories that amplify the truth about overcoming real obstacles towards something worthwhile,” Neil Lindsay, VP of Marketing, Amazon, said earlier this year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021. “And the best stories, in my view, are the ones you don't want to put down because the goals and the challenges get bigger and bigger over time.”

Use the right tools to evolve your brand storytelling

Amazon offers a number of tools to help you create your own brand story. Stores, for example, give you the opportunity to showcase your brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience on Amazon. You can help shoppers learn your brand story by using drag-and-drop tiles or predesigned templates to create a customized, multipage Store with rich media like images and video.

Along with Stores, you can use Sponsored Brands to tell your unique story. Sponsored Brands can help you increase visibility and decide how you want to present your brand to customers. Create custom headlines to share your brand message. Optimize your bid strategy for the placements that best meet your performance goals.