How to create effective video ads with Kaizen Ad

August 9, 2022 | By Gabriella Kursman, Marketing Manager

Vera Knaus, Head of Strategic Solutions and Partnerships at Kaizen Ad

Vera Knaus, Head of Strategic Solutions and Partnerships at Kaizen Ad

Kaizen Ad helps advertisers create engaging, performance-driven video ads that help drive sales and maintain a delightful shopping experience in the Amazon store for businesses of all sizes. Their creative services enable advertisers to continuously improve creative performance by testing and optimizing video ads at scale for Sponsored Brands video, Amazon DSP, Streaming TV ads, product detail pages, and Stores. Kaizen Ad designers specialize in applying creative best practices and insights to convert image and video assets into original, mobile-optimized, winning video ads that help advertisers reach their business goals.

Vera Knaus is the Head of Strategic Solutions and Partnerships at Kaizen Ad, who helps to grow partnerships and build custom solutions for digital channels globally. We sat down with Vera to discuss the importance of having quality video creative for advertisers and her advice on how to achieve that.

Why do you think having quality video ads is important for brands looking to grow their business in the Amazon store?

Video creative is a form of rich storytelling. In today’s world, authentic creativity and visual communication are quickly paving the way as a best practice for telling a story and connecting with your audience. Video ads have always played an important role in driving brand awareness and visually conveying a message or a feeling with the audience. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen this leading to better engagement. High-quality video offers an extremely valuable way to connect with customers in the Amazon store.

How do you think Sponsored Brands video fits into a brand’s overall creative approach in the Amazon store?

Sponsored Brands video is a great ad format we always recommend to our clients. It’s a self-service, pay-per-click product that offers massive potential for advertisers. Beyond Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, this visually rich product allows brands to communicate so much information about their products, stand apart from other brands, answer questions customers could have, etc.

For Sponsored Brands video, we encourage different creative concepts for various campaign types. For example, we recommend distinct creative if a client has several product focuses, keywords, or categories. Creating a variety of visual creatives communicating about your product features and unique selling points are key to telling a story and educating your audience. We then encourage clients to use display images similar to their video marketing campaigns in their Sponsored Brands assets to create a cohesive journey for customers.

Can you share any trends you’ve observed across clients when using Sponsored Brands video? Anything industry specific or channel specific?

We’ve noticed a lot more focus on the storytelling from our advertisers, compared to the product detail videos that paved the way on Sponsored Brands video. Our philosophy is focused on A/B testing and learning from insights and audience signals to inform which creatives perform best. We’re starting to see a trend, still small, but advertisers are willing to run more creatives in their Sponsored Brands video campaigns. Which we’ve seen leads to more learnings, less ad fatigue, and better performance.

What are some best practices for brands wanting to create and maintain quality video ads for use in the Amazon store?

At the core, understanding your product positioning and ideal audience will help you create better messaging and creative that resonates with your audience. We work closely with our clients to identify their products’ unique selling points or challenges they want solve to create high-quality creatives. As a baseline, we recommend the first five seconds of your creative catches your audience’s attention; this is where your opportunity to test messaging lies. Kaizen's expert designers have a comprehensive understanding of Amazon Ads' creative guidelines, and our creative managers ensure the creative we create pass all regulations.

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