How Osmo helped increase brand awareness with Amazon Ads

August 10, 2020

By Brendan Flaherty
Content specialist

Osmo is dedicated to transforming education through hands-on learning games. Through its app and starter kits, kids use objects in the physical world to interact with the digital world shown on their iPad or Fire tablets. The company, based in Palo Alto, set out to address a concern of many parents, which is how to let children interact with technology in a way that educates and encourages imagination.

“Our goal at Osmo is to make sure we’re connecting with our audience, and telling them our brand story,” said Margot Herrman, Vice President of Marketing. “The challenge for us is making sure we’re communicating why Osmo can create a great learning experience for kids.”

Raising brand awareness and reaching the right audience

Osmo launched in 2013, and had an immediate challenge—standing out from other toy companies in a crowded STEM toy space. They knew that to grow their business, they needed to increase awareness with parents and educators. So, in 2015, they began selling products on Amazon, and at the same time, working with Amazon Ads to increase brand visibility and drive discoverability with more potential customers.

Implementing a full-funnel advertising strategy

The Osmo team started by developing a plan to reach new and existing customers at different stages of their purchase journey. They then used the full suite of sponsored ads products, including Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands, as well as Amazon DSP and Streaming TV ads. “We recently launched a Streaming TV ad campaign to build brand awareness among parents with younger kids,” said Osmo’s Digital Marketing Manager, Ram Sharan. Through video ads, they showed potential customers what it was like to play with Osmo products, and they remarketed to existing customers using Sponsored Display and Amazon DSP. The full-funnel strategy led quickly to results.

Increasing sales with Amazon Ads

Following the Streaming TV ad campaign, Osmo saw an immediate increase in brand interest and sales. But that was just the beginning.

quoteUpAll of a sudden, we were a key player in the entire toy and games space.quoteDown
– Margot Herrman, VP of Marketing, Osmo

In addition, Ram Sharan noted that, “Thanks to our full-funnel strategy on Amazon, we were able to see a 50% year-over-year growth.”

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