When it comes to e-commerce marketing, mattress brand Hilding Sweden is wide awake

MAY 30, 2018

By Rachel Messinger
Sr. Marketing Manager

On May 9, Amazon Advertising’s Director of Sales for Germany and Italy, Philip Missler, took the stage at Munich’s Performance Marketing Summit to talk about the importance of e-commerce search and how advertisers of all sizes can succeed with a strong e-commerce marketing strategy.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen many brands – large and small – uncovering the tremendous marketing opportunities e-commerce offers. Particularly on Amazon, it starts with leveraging the potential of e-commerce search [also known as sponsored ads] to help drive sales conversion and visibility of their brands in places where customers build preference and make their purchase decisions. But the most successful brands quickly develop a holistic e-commerce marketing strategy, including search to drive conversion, and always-on display advertising to generate new demand. Smaller brands, especially, are incredibly smart and fast with this. E-commerce marketing, and search specifically, is their opportunity to challenge the category leaders, and build a business.”

In his keynote, Philip told the story of Hilding Sweden, an up-and-coming German mattress brand founded by two entrepreneurs who wanted to provide customers with a high quality and comfortable night’s sleep at a lower price. Until recently, buying a mattress in a traditional retail store in Germany was standard practice. But, with the rise of online retail, introducing an e-commerce-only mattress brand soon became a welcomed reality.

In October 2017, the company launched with Amazon as its primary sales channel. This was a practical strategy: in a mature mattress marketplace, it would have been challenging to get a new, unestablished brand into traditional brick-and-mortar stores. A 100% digital approach has allowed them experience quick success, and today, two Hilding Sweden mattresses appear in the top 10 "mattress bestsellers” category on Amazon.de.

According to Dr. Max Fischer, Managing Director of Hilding Sweden, “Amazon advertising provides a level of service that sets new standards. As an e-commerce retailer learning from millions of customers on a daily basis, Amazon creates a self-improving and highly synergetic environment, in which any type of brand can gain significant market segment share if they are willing to be customer-centric.”

Hilding Sweden is a great example of how a new brand can succeed with an e-commerce marketing strategy. We’re thrilled by Hilding Sweden’s strong results, and we thank the Performance Marketing Summit for giving Philip an opportunity to share their story.