Guide to building your brand with sponsored ads

January 21, 2021 | By Carolina Knox

Shoppers today look beyond product details and prices to align themselves with brands they trust. According to a recent study by Edelman, 70% of respondents said trusting a brand is more important today than ever before–and that’s true across different age groups, genders, and income brackets.

To determine their level of trust, customers pay more attention to how a brand tells its story, helps meet existing challenges, and delivers meaningful customer experiences. As a result, brands that are present throughout their customers’ journeys have the opportunity to stand out–and putting effort behind growing awareness of your brand is a good place to start.

The greater your brand awareness, the more you can become top of mind with relevant audiences, when they’re ready to buy. That’s why we created a guide to offer insight into the importance of brand awareness today. In Beyond the ASIN: Building your brand with Amazon Advertising we explore how our self-service advertising solutions can help you create interest and sustain engagement.

Advertising can help you connect with shoppers across their journeys

Today’s shoppers know websites will show them ads, and 70% of them welcome ads that can help in the discovery of relevant brands and products.1 Not only that, but more than half of those shoppers say that ads have helped them make purchases and consider brands they wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Ads can help them become aware of your brand and message before they’re ready to make a purchase.

Our self-service solutions can help introduce your brand and build real connections with shoppers at the right time.

  • Sponsored Products ads are targeted to keywords or products. When clicked, these ads drive directly to your product page—making it easier for shoppers to learn more about what your brand and products have to offer.
  • Sponsored Brands is a customizable ad featuring your brand logo, up to three products, and a customizable headline that helps shoppers see your brand the way you want it to be seen.
  • Sponsored Display offers flexibility in how you can engage audiences based on shopping signals. This solution helps you reach audiences based on their interests–and even reengage audiences who’ve already seen your product pages with easy-to-create display campaigns.
  • Stores can help you enhance how customers experience your brand. This free self-service solution allows you to design and create a branded multi-page destination within Amazon to tell your story to relevant shoppers.

Sponsored ads and Stores help you reach audiences looking for brands like yours. These solutions present your brand story in ways that can build meaningful relationships. Access the full guide to learn more about brand building with Amazon Advertising, our self-service solutions, plus key tips on how to get started.

1 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Brand Trust in 2020
2 Adlucent 2018 (As seen on: The importance of relevance: Leveraging Amazon shopping insights to achieve your goals)