Fine Hygienic Holding uses Amazon DSP to help expand 3 of their personal care brands’ reach

January 17, 2023 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

Fine Hygienic Holding ad

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), dually headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and Dubai, UAE, is one of the leading health and wellness companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The organization has been operating for more than 60 years and offers hygiene-focused products. Although FHH is well known in the MENA region, they wanted to introduce their brands and product offerings, increase brand consideration, and inspire product purchase to a larger audience.

Two years ago, FHH started working with Amazon Ads to help grow their business and help shoppers discover their brands and products. While working with Amazon Ads, the company launched campaigns, developed best practices, and gathered key learnings. Recently, FHH was interested in expanding the awareness, consideration, and purchase of three of their brands: Fine Tissue, which offers products like household paper, tissues, kitchen towels, and toilet paper; Fine Baby, which offers baby diapers; and Fine Adult Care, which offers products like adult briefs.

FHH products go through a rigorous, patented sterilization process during manufacturing to ensure their products are top quality and keep customers safe and healthy. Therefore, FHH needed help with not just building consumer awareness for three of their brands, but they also wanted to inspire shoppers to understand their brand value and increase product consideration. To address these goals, FHH turned to Amazon Ads to help develop a strategy that increased trust for FHH brands and products, along with educating audiences on how FHH products, despite their higher price point, could help them with their lifestyle needs.

Example of FHH campaign advertisement

Example of FHH campaign advertisement

Developing a strategy that inspires brand discovery and action

Working with Amazon Ads, FHH deployed a three-part strategy to help consumers discover how FHH could help them meet their needs. This strategy included prioritizing brand presence by positioning FHH products strategically on event pages. It also focused on prioritizing value-led messaging for browsing shoppers and featured offers for ready-to-buy customers. Finally, the strategy helped shoppers who were on during White Friday (the equivalent of Black Friday in the MENA region, but which typically lasts for a few days in November) and 11/11 (an event held on November 11 where shoppers have access to deals across more than 30 product categories including electronics, home and kitchen, grocery and fashion) discover FHH’s limited-time offers. To achieve these goals, FHH used Amazon DSP video and display ads, as well as high-traffic event (HTE) page sponsorship.

“Amazon Ads provided us with relevant insights, which also helped us understand our consumers across different categories. We were able to optimize our budgets in terms of reach, and also support our commercial efforts in one go,” said Hande Hitay, global marketing director for FHH. “Like all companies, our ultimate goal for the campaign was to increase our sales across all categories. It was also crucial for us to establish the brands across their respective categories while also increasing brand awareness and overall brand image.”

Using Amazon DSP, FHH was able to understand strategic audience insights that helped the company create and share brand campaigns with relevant audiences anywhere they spend their time. The Amazon DSP flex media that ran in tandem with the campaign was designed to help FHH optimize on audience reach and leverage White Friday and 11/11 to help increase awareness and conversion. This campaign helped FHH engage new audiences who were browsing White Friday and 11/11 event pages on who may not have known about FHH’s product offerings.

Overall, the campaign strategy helped increase FHH’s ad placements across pages. And it was optimized for FHH’s return on ad spend (ROAS) goals.

Additionally, by setting up the HTE sponsorship pages on in anticipation for White Friday and11/11, FHH was able to leverage the high-traffic shopping events to help bolster their campaigns. During White Friday and 11/11, shoppers on generally anticipate deals from brands and therefore have a higher intent to purchase. Understanding that shoppers are in a mindset to purchase products that present as good deals, FHH ran ads for two of their brands, Fine Tissue and Fine Baby, on the event pages. These display ads helped shoppers discover FHH’s product detail pages.

“For Fine Tissue, which is an established brand, the focus was largely on remaining top of mind for shoppers, and this was achieved through the HTE page sponsorships,” Hitay said.

In addition, FHH collaborated with the Amazon retail team to ensure that their products promoted during these events were available throughout the campaign period. FHH’s deals were featured through ASIN Responsive eCommerce Creative (RECs), a fully dynamic creative format on the event page that holds up to 20 ASINs and optimizes toward the top-performing products. This helped FHH prioritize value-led messaging for shoppers, increase the company’s brand awareness, generate consideration, as well as inspire action and purchase.

Reaching results with the help of Amazon DSP and HTE sponsorship page

“Participating in these events and campaigns was an opportunity for us to focus on increasing our volumes, all while establishing our brand presence on,” Hitay said. “Moreover, we are always looking for ways to deliver value to our current customers, as well as increase subscriptions for our new brands and products. And the solutions offered by Amazon Ads allowed us to tackle all these goals in the store.”

“The campaign activations were a success for us and helped reach our goals,” Hitay added.

The HTE sponsorship page served +45% impressions during that campaign flight compared to FHH’s 2021 campaigns.1 This contributed to a 70% increase in branded keyword queries on the store, and a 67% increase in detail page views when compared to FHH’s 2021 campaigns.2 For both the Fine Tissue and Fine Baby brands, the campaigns helped exceed the category benchmarks with percentage increases of the following: click-through rate of 44%, detail-page-view rate of 190%, and purchase rate of 232%.3

“If we could describe our experience in one word, it would be collaborative. We’ve had great conversations with the Amazon Ads team about our brands and their challenges,” Hitay said. “And we discussed ways to tackle those challenges—and this was reflected in the messaging and materials we co-created and the execution of all our campaigns.”

1-3 Amazon internal data, UAE, January 2022