Connections that last: Brand content solutions to help drive discovery and engagement

December 21, 2021 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content & Editorial Manager

Coming across a new product or brand can be an exciting experience for customers. The thrill, the adventure, the joy–those feelings can resonate with customers who discover a product they didn’t know they wanted or needed.

Sometimes, customers visit Amazon without a specific brand in mind. According to a study by Marketplace Pulse, approximately 78% of shopping queries on Amazon are brand agnostic, which means that customers are shopping for products using generic non-branded search terms.1 Further, a study by Tinuiti and Elite SEM showed that 52% of shoppers are more willing to buy a brand they’re not familiar with on Amazon.2

Shoppers’ openness to trying out new brands means advertisers have a chance of standing out by creating engaging and informative campaigns. One of the ways brands can stay top of mind is through messaging. Brand identity and content play an important role throughout the shopping journey on Amazon. Shoppers interact with a brand's content to learn about the brand and their products. This helps customers make informed purchase decisions. Therefore, Amazon Ads has branded shopping experiences that help brands tell their story, inspire consideration, build a loyal shopper base, and re-engage customers throughout their shopping journeys.

Helping customers connect and understand your brand with Stores

With Amazon Stores, brands can create a place where they can curate products, tell their story, and share their brand values, which could help them engage customers. The Store is a place for shoppers to explore, interact, and shop from favorite brands, all from a single destination that is owned and maintained by a brand. This branded shopping experience allows brands to tell their story through lifestyle and video creatives, and showcase their full range of products, creating an immersive shopping experience for customers.

Having a high-quality Store with fresh content and multiple sub-pages can help inform shoppers who visit a Store. It could help brands connect with customers while also driving consideration, purchases, and followers. On average, Stores updated regularly have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor.3

Creating discovery opportunities for customers with Posts (beta)

There are even more ways to help customers discover new brands and products. Brands can drive external traffic from their other marketing channels to their Store. They can also leverage Posts (beta) to inspire shoppers to engage with their brand by sharing curated lifestyle images that really express a brand’s story and values.

Posts (beta) helps brands build an emotional connection with shoppers while they are browsing Amazon’s store. Between April 2020 and April 2021, Amazon Ads delivered more than 11.3B viewable Posts impressions, which is defined when at least 50% of the post is on the view screen of a device for 1 continuous second.4 Viewable impressions can help brands measure the opportunity for shoppers to see their content. Brand Posts (beta) may be discovered in carousels on product detail pages, in content feeds for related products and categories, and in a brand’s Store.

Inspiring engagement with customers using Amazon Live

Once customers discover a new product they’re interested in, how can brands inspire further engagement to help customers learn more about that product? With Amazon Live, shoppers on Amazon can actively engage with brands on Amazon while they are live, and get updates on special announcements directly from brands. And customers are tuning into these livestreams. Amazon research shows that customers that view a brand’s livestreams regularly are 3x more likely to make a purchase on average than first time viewers.5

Beyond livestreaming, brands can also drive engagement to help customers learn more about products with product detail pages. These pages can help engage and educate customers so they can make the best shopping decisions.

Building brand love and loyalty with Brand Follow

In order to create lasting connections with customers, brands may want to consider strategies that help them build brand love and loyalty. One option that may help with this is Brand Follow, which is available in the US and allows shoppers to engage with their favorite brands on Amazon. Today there are over 20 million customer-brand Follow relationships in Amazon’s store.6 Those connections could be helping customers find more products they need.

As brands look to build deeper connections with customers, they may want to consider using brand content solutions like Stores and Posts (beta) to help them tell their brand story and share their product offerings. These advertising solutions, plus Amazon Live and Brand Follow, could help customers engage and connect with brands they have yet to discover.

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