How Amazon Ads revved up Chevrolet car shoppers in Mexico

Red Chevrolet Groove

June 17, 2022 | By Jareen Imam, Sr. Content and Editorial Manager

Car shopping is an exciting but sometimes daunting experience for consumers as they look for the best product that fits their lifestyle needs. Automobile company Chevrolet wanted to make the process a bit easier by helping car shoppers discover a new vehicle option to consider: the 2022 Chevrolet Groove.

Chevrolet, which is owned by automaker General Motors (GM), officially launched the new 2022 Chevrolet Groove in Mexico in October 2021. The Chevrolet Groove, an entry level SUV (SUV-B), is the brand’s most affordable model in the utility vehicle lineup. Chevrolet wanted to drive awareness and consideration of the Chevrolet Groove for Mexican car shoppers, so they teamed up with Amazon Ads to help them develop a strategy that would rev up interest for consumers. The Amazon Ads team recommended a multi-solution approach, which included activating Twitch advertising solutions, creating a custom landing page on, and leveraging display ads through the Amazon DSP, along with other campaign activations.

Launching Twitch streams to drive interest

With the launch of the Chevrolet Groove, Chevrolet wanted to reach and engage young adults who may be considering purchasing an affordable SUV. “Reaching an engaged audience was important for us and we wanted to share new information about the Chevrolet Groove in a way that had not been done before by other car brands in Mexico,” said Liliana de la Riva, Chevrolet Advertising Supervisor.

Considering this, the Amazon Ads team proposed two Twitch livestreams to help Chevrolet reach an engaged audience of adult Gen Z and Millennial viewers. By working with Twitch creators Akim Augilar and Jamie Arturo Durán in Mexico, Chevrolet was able to create an immersive experience for audiences that highlighted the Chevrolet Groove’s new features.

"Working with Twitch creators to release content that was 100% live was something that we had never done before and it helped us break the paradigm for how we can connect with audiences in a more natural and organic way," Riva said.

Creating a hub for shoppers with a custom landing page

Not only did Amazon Ads want to pique shoppers’ interest for the Chevrolet Groove, they also wanted to help shoppers discover a destination where they could “interact” with the product. By launching an Amazon DSP display campaign, the team was able to direct shoppers to a custom landing page for the Chevrolet Groove on There, shoppers could click through various photos of the Chevrolet Groove, read the vehicle description, and learn more about the vehicle and its offerings.

On the custom landing page, shoppers could reserve the opportunity to purchase a new Chevrolet Groove by buying a presale kit at $5,000 MXN. This presale kit provided instructions for how customers could finalize their purchase of the vehicle with their preferred Chevrolet dealership. And the $5,000 MXN went towards shoppers’ payments of the vehicle. “The custom landing page helped us communicate the unique benefits of the new Chevrolet Groove while also creating awareness about our presale phase,” Riva said.

In order to connect with a passionate music audience, Chevrolet also used Amazon Music to create a special 30-Day Music Unlimited promo. Chevrolet also promoted the Amazon Ads activation in their physical car dealerships and storefronts.

Custom landing page for the Chevrolet Groove on

Custom landing page for the Chevrolet Groove on

Crossing the finish line

The activation was a success for Chevrolet. The Twitch Brand Lift, overall sales, and Amazon DSP display results were above expectations. The two Twitch livestreams had a combined total of 229,894 live views, video click-through rates of 80%, and 7,500 concurrent viewers during the highest peaks of the Twitch livestreams.1 This was milestone for Amazon Ads and Chevrolet because the concurrent users peak was the highest reached for a Twitch ads campaign in the auto category at the time of the campaign flight.2

The Amazon DSP display activation garnered 23 million impressions and 4.8 million unique reach, and had a clickthrough-rate of .27%, which was 35% higher than the category benchmark. The video clickthrough-rate was 75%, which was 6% higher than the category benchmark. The Groove presale kits were sold out within days of the campaign activation. As for the custom landing page, it received 78,000 views and drove 2,800 product page visits, which helped generate sales of the presale kits.3

Groove presale kits

Groove presale kits

“Mexico was the first of GM’s markets that managed to leverage the benefits of Amazon’s Marketplace with GM’s distributors’ network -- from pre-sale to final delivery. And this includes legal, finance, taxes, distributors, payment, and delivery needs,” Riva said. “The first week of launching the campaign we had record foot traffic in our distributors’ stores, which was thanks to the hype and excitement generated with the help of Amazon Ads. There were many clients coming in to our dealerships across Mexico asking directly about the special promotion with Amazon.”

By working with Amazon Ads, Chevrolet was able to create an integrated campaign that featured multiple Amazon Ads solutions to help drive discovery and consideration for the all-new Chevrolet Groove. Brands looking to drive awareness and consideration for a new product launch may want to consider working with Amazon Ads in order to leverage Twitch advertising solutions, Amazon DSP display, and other innovative advertising solutions.

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