Find ways to better understand your insights and audiences using Amazon Marketing Cloud

October 29, 2021

As your brand starts making new connections with audiences, the question becomes: how do you continue to nurture those connections? How does your brand go further by building and using its own insights?

Those are questions that Keerat Sharma, Director of Ad Tech at Amazon Ads, discussed during his keynote at Amazon Ads’ 2021 unBoxed, which was hosted virtually from October 26 to October 27. In this keynote, Sharma shared how Amazon Ads created a solution known as Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) where brands can generate actionable insights to help marketers better understand their business.

AMC, which is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), helps advertisers plan, measure, and optimize their campaigns by using both Amazon media, and their own signals. By using AMC, Sharma explained how brands can foster connections with their customers and leverage insights across the marketing funnel with useful features for analytics teams.

“AMC provides a secure and privacy-safe environment that only produces aggregate and anonymous outputs. It is a service that allows you to innovate, with your Amazon media signals consolidated within it,” Sharma said.

AMC is open to advertisers wherever they can buy media through Amazon DSP. And over the last two years, over a thousand brands were invited to use AMC where they were able to understand the relationships across the ad programs used, tailor performance, and use signals to gain more insight and customization.

First, AMC allows advertisers to build customized insights that are tailored to fit their needs via simple views of all their Amazon media. And advertisers can build their own queries or use Amazon Ads’ templates. Secondly, AMC gives advertisers a unified view of their Amazon media, which enables them to dig into how different ad programs may complement each other. Finally, AMC enables advertisers to use their own signals to understand the impact of their advertising spend using their own customer interactions or any other relevant information they have.

During Sharma’s keynote, he spotlighted how GroupM, a leading global media investment management company, used AMC to help their business and customers. Chief Innovation Officer at GroupM, Krystal Olivieri, spoke to Sharma and the audience during the keynote. She shared how AMC helped GroupM understand their advertisers’ customers a lot better.

“For us, AMC enables our agencies to unlock new insights for our clients about their consumers. This helps us give each of our clients an innovative, customized and specific way to understand their customers, measure performance, and optimize their campaigns,” Olivieri said.

GroupM is also committed to making advertising work better for consumers. The company is supportive of privacy-first capabilities that enable better ways to develop and measure insight-drive campaigns, she explained. And with AMC’s privacy-safe environment, GroupM is able to help their advertisers understand customer behaviors and media performance while preserving customer privacy.

Olivieri emphasized that it’s important for brands to use their own insights to make advertising more relevant and effective while fully respecting customers' privacy.

“Tools like AMC are really useful to a brand with direct customer interactions by enabling deeper and richer insights with Amazon Ads signals, which, in turn, helps us drive much more relevant and efficient advertising for them,” she said.

When it comes to new trends in advertising, Olivieri told Sharma that she believed there will be more innovation and progress in predictive analytics. This push will help brands possibly better understand customer trends, predict future shifts, and help to plan better campaigns.

“And AMC gets us one step closer to the future and what is possible,” she said.

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