New brand measurement solutions to help brands measure the impact of their audience connections

October 27, 2021

We know how important it is for brands to create authentic connections with their audiences. And we also know how important it is for brands to be able to measure the effectiveness of their advertising.

During Amazon Ads’ annual unBoxed conference, which took place virtually from October 26 to October 27, Colleen Aubrey, Senior Vice President of Advertising Products and Technology at Amazon Ads, shared some of the ways Amazon Ads is helping advertisers achieve their brand marketing goals by not only reaching relevant audiences, but also measuring the impact of those connections.

The opportunity for everyday brand connections

"A recent survey reported 75% of US shoppers use Amazon to discover new products or brands, regardless of where they end up making a purchase,"1Aubrey told the unBoxed virtual audience. "This means that brands on Amazon have an opportunity to connect with customers in a very natural, everyday way."

This is especially true with channels such as streaming TV that can reach audiences wherever they choose to engage, from the big-screen TV at home to their smartphone while they're on the go. Finding ways to promote brand awareness during everyday activities opens up more opportunities for meaningful audience connection.

"But opportunities to create everyday connection are just one part of the puzzle. To be truly useful for brands, it has to be paired with measurement," Aubrey said.

Sponsored Display campaigns on Twitch

Advertisers use Sponsored Display to extend the reach of their brand to new audiences wherever they spend their time. Sponsored Display ads appear on Amazon product detail pages, the Amazon home page, interactive livestreaming service Twitch, and millions of third-party websites and mobile apps.

Aubrey announced that Amazon Ads is expanding Sponsored Display campaigns on Twitch, now including livestreams. Sponsored Display advertisers can reach viewers while they watch their favorite creators and seek out new content—and with over 30 million average daily visitors, Twitch viewers can certainly help brands extend their reach.

Aubrey pointed out that the ad placements for Sponsored Display complement the streaming experience for Twitch viewers. "These placements aren’t just integrated into the Twitch livestream. They are part of the fabric of the content experience," she said.

Long-term connections with Brand Follow

Brand Follow is a feature that helps drive everyday connections between shoppers and the brands they choose to follow. Customers can stay connected to brands they love by using the "Follow" button, which is available throughout the shopping experience across Amazon—in Stores, Posts, and Amazon Live. For example, by following a brand, customers can receive mobile notifications from Amazon when the brand starts streaming on Amazon Live, and customers may see deals or new products from brands they follow when they visit the Amazon home page.

"We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the engagement from customers so far," said Aubrey. "There are already over 20 million follow relationships between shoppers and brands in our store."2

Brand Metrics (beta): A new way to look at customer acquisition

Next, Aubrey introduced Brand Metrics (beta), a feature that adds new insights to your marketing metrics. "Brand Metrics helps brands quantify and optimize their performance based on high value shopping engagements with their brand in Amazon’s store. With Brand Metrics (beta), we are giving brands of all sizes new ways to evaluate mid- and upper-funnel performance on Amazon."

One feature, “Return on Engagement,” shows the average sales after customers have engaged with a brand over a 12-month period. This will help brands understand the value of shopping engagements outside of the typical 7- or 14-day sales attribution window.

Another feature, "Brand Searches," quantifies the number of shoppers who have browsed for your brand or product, but did not engage further with your brand in the selected category.

MaryRuth Organics, a health supplement brand, shared their experience with Brand Metrics (beta). "Brand Metrics give a unique perspective on advertising performance," said Jay Hunter, Marketplace Director. "It's completely changed the way we look at customer acquisition, allowing us to heavily push product awareness and see exactly how that translates into purchases."

Going further with Amazon Brand Lift (beta)

Aubrey then introduced Amazon Brand Lift (beta), which enables Amazon DSP advertisers to launch studies that help them understand the impact of their brand marketing efforts based on survey responses from the Amazon Shopper Panel.

Aubrey explained the Amazon Shopper Panel: "an opt-in, invitation-only program, introduced last year, where participants can earn monthly rewards for choosing to share receipts from purchases made outside of Amazon or by completing short surveys from within a standalone mobile app."

She also shared, "Over the past year, our engaged community of US panelists has grown to more than 200,000 who actively participate every month."3

"I want to end by thinking about how much advertising has evolved," Aubrey said. "It’s more than brands getting their products in front of customers. It’s not just about driving awareness, consideration, or conversion. Now more than ever, advertising offers the ability to be part of customers’ everyday experiences, helping them discover and engage with brands that speak to them."

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